General FAQs #

1.What is Beta Launch?

Ans: Eatance.Co is a dedicatedly curated Online Food Ordering System by Eatance and is committed to empower entrepreneurs around the world. Eatance has launched a lifetime plan which will provide a Free Food Ordering website under Eatance.Co brand to first 1000 small scale food entrepreneurs. It is our Goal that we deliver our best to Business Owners & their End Users, On this path of Continous Improvement, we have decided to go for a Beta launch for the delivery of a better final product. While Eatance encourages Business Owners to come on our Platform, We also want them to understand that is currently not final version of the product, and it will require improvement along the way, We are commited/dedicated towards empowering Food Business but we do not take any responsibility for bugs/Issues that may still exist in this Beta Product/Platform. We wish only the best for the Entrepreneurs & hope they will understand our Idea, and help us empower them.

2.What does it mean when you say lifetime free access for first 1000 Restaurants?

Ans: Eatance.Co will be a Free Restaurant Ordering System, Efficient platform provided for free to first 1000 small-scale food entrepreneurs where they will be able to host a website with their brand name via a Subdomain on, You will not be paying any fees related to hosting or registration for a lifetime.

3.Will I get regular updates to the Application? Is it chargeable?

Ans: No, as a food entrepreneur registered with Eatance.Co you will be eligible for regular updates from Eatance.Co related to security, functionality, and integrated plugins and you won’t have to pay charges for the same.

4.Can I add multiple Branches for the Restaurant?

Ans: As Eatance is in pursuit of empowering the small scale food businesses around the world, hence the goal is to help restaurants with single branch so it is not possible as of now to add multiple branches in our current version, Although there will be Plus version available in future which will allow the same.

5.Which Payment gateway have you integrated & How many methods of payment are available?

Ans: We have integrated Braintree with our Free Online Food Ordering System which comes with Multiple Payment methods like PayPal, GPay, Apple Pay etc

6.If there is a sudden inflow of users to the service, will it be able to handle large traffic of orders?

Ans: Yes, Restaurant Food Ordering System is a highly scalable platform and can handle traffic of 500+ orders in a day in a live environment that gives your customer more than enough room to order at once.

7.Is there any way to keep an eye on the logistics/inventory of each Restaurant?

Ans: Eatance.Co is a constantly improving Restaurant Ordering System, and there will be upgrades in the future, such as inventory management, to cater to restaurant owners’ needs, but we do not have this feature as of now.

Restaurant Management #

1. How to create a Restaurant?

Ans. You can log in into your Eatance.Co admin panel with valid credentials and on the Main menu, click on the option Restaurant. There is a button labeled as “ Add New”, on clicking this button will open a blank form, and you need to fill in details related to Restaurant Page in it and then clicking on “Publish” will publish the restaurant on the Eatance.Co hosted platform.

2. How to create Amenities and Cuisines?

Ans. A. You can click on Add New Amenities button available under the Restaurant->Amenities option on the left side menu and fill the form for creating the Amenity.
B. You can click on Add New Cuisines button available under the Restaurant->Cuisines option on the left side menu and fill the form for creating the Cuisine.

3. What to fill in detail page?

Ans. In the details page, you can fill various details like “Restaurant name, address, branch, contact details, restaurant manager details, etc”

4. How to change Logo?

Ans. The users of the Eatance.Co platform will be required to contact to the system administrator in order to change the website Logo with the restaurant branding Logo.

5. How to change Branding Color?

Ans. You can click on the Appearance option on the left side menu and under it visit the Global option under Customize menu and here you can change the background color for the website

6. How to Activate Payment Gateway?

Ans. Eatance.Co provides Integration with Brain Tree on the platform, the restaurant admin can enable the payment gateway and also configure it through Payments options under the Orders->settings->Payments.

Event & Food Package #

1) How to Manage Restaurant Event resquests & Food Packages

Ans. For restaurant events, click on Restaurant under “Restaurant” on the left menu, then click on “Edit Restaurant” and under this option you will be able to find restaurant event booking information, By default the Event booking will be disabled, which can be enabled on Clicking “Yes”
button, and below that you need to provide details of the event like Event opening & closing time, booking capacity, and Online booking availability of the event.
For Packages, visit Restaurant Events-> Restaurant Packages, and you will be able to view a list of restaurant packages under it. Also, you can create new package by clicking “Add Package” button and providing details like Restaurant Name, Branch Name, Package Name, Package Price, Description, Availability, Type of Package, and Banner image.

Customer & Order Management #

1. How to Create Customers manually from Admin?

Ans. Click on Users option on the left side and there you need to click on Add New button in order to create new user/customer of the restaurant. You need to provide details like Username, Email, First Name, Last Name, Website, Language, Password, and Enable Notification.

2. How to Manage Delivery Charges?

Ans. Click on Restaurant option on the left side menu and there you need to click on the restaurant from the available option for which you want to manage the delivery charge. On opening the restaurant editing page, you will find an option as “Delivery Charge per KM” and here you need to input the charge to be kept for delivery food on the doorstep.

3. How to Manage a Online Order?

Ans. Click on Order option on the left side menu and there you need to click on Order option which will display all the orders along with their status and you can manage the order in terms of its status, driver, order type etc by clicking on any order.

Promotional #

1. How to Create a coupon?

Ans. Click on Menu option on the left side menu and there you need to click on Coupons options which will display all the coupons created in the system. Click on “Add Coupon” button which open a new page and you will can create a new coupon by filling details on this form.

2. How to Create a Restaurant Blog and its importance?

Ans. Click on Blogs option on the left side menu and there you need to click on “Add Blog” button which will open a text editor and inside it you can write the blogs.
The importance of the blog is that it will be seen by all the customers even if they are not ordering the food, also by writing an attractive and content-rich blog you will be able to persuade the customers to order the food from the website.

3. How to Create a Food Recipe and its importance?

Ans. Click on Recipes option on the left side menu and there you will be able to click on “Add Recipe” button which will open a text editor in which you can fill the recipe details.
The importance of the recipe is that it allows the users of the website to view various recipes of the dishes along with information on how to cook it, what are the ingredients required to cook the dish etc. This is an excellent tool for Customer enagagement.

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