Eatance Housing Society & Society Management App

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Eatance Housing Society app smartly lets you manage all your housing societies' activities in just a few clicks. Easy to use management solutions for society members and admin committee members.

Eatance - A Housing Society Solution

A community may face many problems within a housing society if it is not efficiently interconnected, especially in today's era, where we need a dependable & secure environment for our loved ones. Eatance housing society app lets you handle most tasks effectively. You can easily manage your maintenance bills, parking management, members detail and grievances and share reports and information. The app has all standard features ready, and it can be customized per your request. The app will provide efficiency, transparency and inter-connectivity of your beloved members within the society.

Premium Features

Eatance Housing Society App

Login or Request

Log in the mobile app with basic details and register either as a resident or a member of the society management committee.

Society Information

View society information such as it's type, location, registration information, amenities and much more, Also see if any house is available on rent or for sale.

Member Directory

One-click to connect with your society members with Eatance Society Maintenance App.

Events Management

Book events, upload photos, and receive notifications for the upcoming events on the Eatance Housing Society App.

Gallery Management

Share any events' photos, videos to the gallery for the members to view and share memories with friends and family.

Facility Management

The Eatance Housing Society App lets users make a call to the support facility staff or to an emergency contact number.

Parking Management

Hassle-free parking management allows Users to maintain the residents & visitors' vehicle.


View notices/ circulars or upcoming news of society once the admin uploads them to the smart society app.

Complaint Management

Members can report any complaint and also see the status of it with the Eatance Housing Society App.

Visitor Management

The society visitor will be required to provide details along with the digital signature at security to enter the premises.

Society Billing

System captures expense and income of society where residents can see if they have paid maintenance charges or not or if their maintenance is due.

Easy Share

Quick and easy to share the location and app with friends with the Eatance Housing Society App.

Add Society

Add, edit, and even deactivate any particular new society through the Eatance housing utility management systems software.

Add Role

Create and assign role-based management. For e.g. admin can assign a user with an 'Admin role' or 'User role' in the society app.

Add User

Admin has the authority to create a new user or deactivate with society resident management system.

Facility Management

New facilities and respective amenities details can be added at any time by admins in the Eatance apartment society app.

Support Staff Details

Add all the support staff contact details for the members' aid such as a plumber, electrician, doctor, etc.

Complain Category

Admin can create a complain category to make it easy for members to identify their section and specify their problem.

Notices & Complaints

View all notices as well as complaints registered by the members on the Eatance society management and utility app.


See all the events that are listed in the society mobile application and also deactivate them.

Approve Request

View all the users who are interested in registering & inviting to create their respective admin account on the Eatance Housing Society App.

One Data Place

The app is commonplace for you to manage entire housing society data such as -details of residents, staff, vehicles, expenses, dues and more.


The custom Eatance Housing Society App can accommodate additional features as per your need apart from the standard feature-set.

Maintain Harmony

With transparency in every housing society operation, there remains a composed environment among members, residents, staff & owners of the association.

Save Time & Effort

Say goodbye to time lagging manual system or human dependent society activities with the professional, automated & error-free housing society app.

One Community, One Decision

Housing society app encourages members to come forward and be part of the committee to arrive at a decision & to work on problems together.

Expand Network

Just one click and the Eatance housing society app opens an extensive network of community members to talk, discuss, become friends and grow the network.

Easy Announcement

From payment due notices to event circulars to complaints - Eatance Housing Society App allows easy announcements through the interactive dashboard.

Real-time Push Notifications

Stay tuned to all the activities happening within the society with real-time push notifications on the housing society app.

Safety First

On the Eatance Housing Society App, one-touch access gives you all emergency contact numbers to maintain the safety first for your family.

Grow Strong Bonding

Develop powerful & private neighbourhood bonding within the community by interacting & sharing events, conferences, videos, photographs, etc.

Manage Multiple Societies

The app allows admins to manage multiple societies of any size efficiently.

Uninterrupted Communication

Two-way communication between residents and management leaves no chance of any misunderstanding for effective society operations.

Time-Saving & Go-Green

Accessible to and fro documentation can lead to being time-efficient as well as nature-friendly for everyone using the housing society app.

Improved User Experience

All the features of the Eatance Housing Society App are developed, keeping customer usability & functionality in mind to improve user experience.

Society Security management

Capture visitors details with push notification to residence and proper approval flow

Subscription management

Provide yearly or monthly subscription

Billing and Accounting with payment gateway

Complete billing cycle for expense and income with payment gateway


Internal Chat facility

Multiproperty management

A simple toggle is all that's required to move from one property to the next(For Admin only)

Features of Amenities' Booking

Amenities can be booked in advance

Features of Daily Staff Management

Manage maid & other service provider within society

Covid Compat feature

Check list for Covid

Interactive User-Interface

Fits All Approach To Manage Your Housing Society Online

Say goodbye to all those complicated, manual and time-consuming administrative tasks for managing a co-operative housing society. Experience the best-in-class mobile-first design of the Eatance Housing Society App.


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Any user who registers and generates account requests from the Android or iOS app is able to log in to the society app.

Eatance Housing Society App lets an unlimited number of people from an apartment use the app.

Eatance housing society app service offers 1st label secure model. Even though multiple societies can be added, but one society data is not visible to the other society.

Awards & Recognition

Benefits of Our Housing Society App

  • Easy Bill Payment

    Housing society app allows members to make hassle-free bill payments such as society maintenance bills.

  • Improve Social Network

    A single click lets you build your social network and allows you to organize social events in your society.

  • Emergency Service

    All the administrative & support staff details available with convenient access.

  • Address All Your Needs

    Access society information, get notified or manage events, circulars, avail parking or complaints with just a few clicks.

  • Operate On-the-go

    Any society member can connect to Eatance smart society app and can use it from anywhere, anytime.

  • Real-time Updates

    The app keeps you updated with all kinds of society information in real-time

  • Record Maintenance

    The App gives you easy access to maintain all records and activities of society.

  • Be Independent

    Housing society app empowers you to be independent. It removes dependencies and lets you be in total control of your society's functions.

Connect with Society Management App development company

Managing co-operative housing societies is itself a big task in its own. Thanks to modern technology for paving the way towards providing digital solutions for every need.

Eatance housing society app addresses the need of members, admins, and staff to meet common goals, save time & money, and reduce efforts.

The smart society management software is packed with a user app as well as an admin panel to manage all the housing society administrative tasks effectively. Moreover, you can own the property management system app at a very competitive price and save 85% cost.