Client Testimonials

“I don't think you find better support than this Project's author. Basic installation documents provided and if you are getting any problem then they Instant reply you and show you the process. Completely understandable. They are awesome Developers and you will be guided by different Developers. Thank You Paul & EvinceTeam.Specially for making Eatance Restaurant App.”
V John

“We started working with Evince April of 2020, my partner purchased the Eatance App with their marketing team.
We were adding a lot of features into the delivery app, even though I didn't think Evince could make it for my request, but there was a word that came out from their team.They told me that everything is possible as long as I let them know how we want it.”
Ordo Malaysia

“It is an excellent product, quite complete and ready to start using it.
The evince team is always available to help and guide you in all questions.”
Gabo Lopez

“This application has neat code, attractive design and excellent team support. thank you for your help and your team, once again, I say thank you.”

“The code is written in very well-formed and the support is very responsive and good. I suggest that you can buy this code without any hesitation. Thank you again for helping me out.
Atif Haseeb

“The app is great. However, customer service is sensational. I intend to buy more of their products. And I will strongly recommend it to anyone ”

In June 2020 we came up with idea which is food delivery business, however, we did not have enough time and team, fortunately we found and contacted Eatance and they were very helpful in all features like price, timeline, trust and of course quality. You just say to them what you want and they will do it for you. Of these, what impressed me the most was the professionalism and hard work of the team. We did whole projects and lots of customization with them and more projects to come in near future. And still we keep warm cooperation between us.

Again thanks for everything and good luck in your promising way Eatance!

Fatkhiddin (Blink App)

We started working with EVINCEDEV end of 2019, once we purchased the Eatance App. The first contact we had was with marketing dpt. and the experience was great since the beginning.
We gave them the whole development of Eatance App for our Food Delivery Service here in Dakar, we fixed goals and targets, and that's where all begin. Then a pandemic came, and we had to stop the project due to global uncertainty. But once we got back at them last August, all went back as we never parted, the dev team is kind, professional and attentive. We plan to be up and running in a couple of weeks!

“The product ‘Eatance’ is good for Restaurant businesses and Evince created a good application for Small Business.”
Amit Malviya

“This platform is Pretty customizable. For 2 React Native apps and a backend admin panel, it's a pretty good deal. The code quality is par. For the most part, this platform has a robust set of features that are usable.”
Jordan Walker

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