General FAQs #

1. What I’ll get with my DATING App purchase?

Ans: You’ll get the Source code of Customer Mobile App (iOS and Android), and the Master Admin Panel. We also provide assistance with Initial Implementation support to guide our clients in the best possible way.

2. Does the app have functionality integrated, such as Social media login or SMS Gateway?

Ans: We can always integrate as much functionality as to include as an Add-On upon request.

3. Is the application has Multilingual Option?

Ans: Yes, the app supports major languages to cater to a broader pool of audience. However, we require to provide you the other languages content than English.

4. Do the app has any kind of mechanism or Compability Check option?

Ans: Certainly, we have already have created compability form such as Data like location, Date of birth, sex preference, body type etc. is collected to find the right matches for the customers. Further user can View compatibility score with other users by writing their name and Date of birth.

5. How the interest in been share for Users to interact between two profiles?

Ans: The Users can simply Find profiles based on compatibility score and swipe right to like, left to unlike and up to super like. Further, the user can always view all the likes and super likes by you and others on your profile.

6. Is there any posssiblity in the application where both the liked User can Chat Privately?

Ans: Certainly, Chat is only enabled when two profiles like each other. Further, Keep a complete record of chats with matches in the Chat History.

7. What else the User can do ?

Ans: User can always set own preferences with a filter option to select and match with the perfect partner. The users can always see profiles within the range of 1,000 Miles / Country preference. Mostly importantly the Admin will able to share the latest update about the App and latest news feeds so the users can checkout the all the post in app.

8. How scalable is your system?

Ans: Sustainability and Scalability: It is an MVP. It is scalable you want as the Application is built on. The system is highly compatible for customization as per your requirement as per the Application has been built on React Native and Code Igniter framework, which helps you to mold the Application as per your requirement.

9. Push Notification messages are free? How do I setup by myself? Or is there a limit if chargeable?

Ans: No charge or no fee and unlimited push notifications, They are system generated using Firebase and need to be setup. SMS are based on 3rd party and are chargeable and also limited

10. Do you provide hosting and domain services?

Ans: No, we do not provide these services as of now. But, we can always assist you with the list of requirements for the Application.

Sales #

1. May I upload this app directly to the play store and app store without doing any coding?

Ans: You need to change Branding and need to make some change before uploading to the respective store. It will require minor coding, hence we recommend geting help of tech expert or professionals. Or else, we will always provide our customer Branding services which take care all of your Branding related request.

2. Do you provide hosting and cloud services with your Application?

Ans: Unfortunately, at the moment we don’t provide any of the hosting services as that would be something you would need to help us with. However, rest assured, our team will help you out completely with the request they have for hosting/Cloud Details before we get started with your project.

3. Will I get regular updates to the Application? Is it chargeable?

Ans: This is independent product sales as White Label application and unfortunately not available as SAAS for now. (It’s a standalone product with a one-time purchase where you get the source code, and if there is any next version, you have to purchase the product again.) The next version will be chargeable.

4. Are there any other charges involve in app/package purchase? Or What is the app costing, including as per other charges?

Ans: There are no hidden charges or taxes involved on top of the total product price. Only thing you will require to pay extra will be customization if any. This is for the entire package availed. (Indian customers: Yes, GST will be added on top of the product price, this can further be discussed with our sales team.)

5. With so many similar apps in the market, what makes your app stand out?

Ans: We provide the source code for our applications to all our customers. We also provide the support for the app or package you purchase to assist on app submission and take your business live. Certainly, there are many of our competitors selling similar products as very low cost but again you hardly able to find their support. With Eatance you will always have premium services such as Branding for all the material for marketing your business. And most importantly, Eatance is backed up with Evince Development with a 9+ years strong presence in the market.

6. What items are required for getting the product in place?

So, what all you need from us to get started with the app?

1. LOGO: 1024×1024 PNG Format
2. PSD/AI for splash screen OR a PNG image for it in 1242 X 2208 resolution
3. Apple developer account enrolled in Apple Developer Membership. If client cannot provide that, then we will need agent access
4. Google Play account. If client cannot provide that, then we will need admin access and Firebase account credential and Server key
5. Store meta data information: App name, description, keywords, marketing URL, privacy policy URL, contact details (full name, phone, email, complete address)
6. App category
7. Google maps API key
8. Short & long description for play store
9. Selected images to be uploaded
10. For IOS the UID must be linked properly
11. C-Panel credential, must support to his CI
12. If payment gateway integration, then needs to support react native CLI

7. What are the Server Configuaration required for the app?

Ans: Certainly, please find the following server requirements for the app purachase:-

Operating System – Linux
Web Server – Apache
Database – MySQL
Operating System: 2vCPU

Please Note Before Purchasing Any Server:
• Database should support PHP with latest version of PHP 7.4 and MySQL 5+ Server
• Most importantly, it should support React Native Framework
• Any Cloud Hosting can also work for the App configuration However, the setup and installation fees are applicable as per the server purchased

8. What level of Support do you provide after delivery?

Ans: We certainly provide Paid Support plans to all our customer after delivery. Please find the details of support as follow:-

• Answers to (technical) questions about the item’s features.
• Assistance with reported bugs and issues.

Please note that Support does not include:

• Customization & adding new features
• Installation Services
• Support for 3rd party software and/or plugins
• Content related rejections and violations from Google
• App Publishing

9. Which Technology stack used for Mobile app and Backend?

Ans: The technology stack we have used is Backend PHP CodeIgniter (V3) and React Native Version: 0.60.5.

10. Should I buy a developer to change the logo, company name and other things or I can change it directly from the admin panel?

Ans: After Purchase, you need to change branding, App name, and Content, images. You cannot use the Content, images and app name anywhere to promote your Product. You can hire our team for branding changes and contact us on [email protected]

11. Can I just purchase the code and use it to resell for white lable purpose?

Ans: No, the app comes with the regular lisecene only. In which you can’t resell the app or code for white labelling purpose. Doing such activity is to breach the terms and conditions while purchasing the app and hence, Eatance team is liable to take legal action to the reseller.

12. Can I just purchase the code and modify the app at my end?

Ans: Certainly, after purchase of the app, you can always update the code as per your requirements. However, if Eatance is involed in support after the app purchase than we request you not to update the code by yourself and discuss with support team before updating any code. If the code is updated from your end, then for any functional breakdown or crash, Eatance will not take responsibility of the code you have updated at your end.

13. Do I need my Own Developer Account for Appstore & Google Play?

Ans: Yes, due to a recent Apple policy change, for the apps to be approved, you will need your own Apple Developer & Google Play Developer Account. You can learn more about the developer memberships here:
Apple: (Individuals will work) $99/yearly
Google Play:
$25 One time payment

14. Do I need my own Google Maps API keys?

Ans: Yes, it is important to have your own Google Maps API Keys. You can use the Google Maps APIs on both commercial and non-profit websites as long as your site meets the Google Maps Platform Terms of Service. Most of our customers fit into the free google maps pricing package. For more details, please visit

15. Do you provide customization?

Ans: Yes, we do offer Customization, but it will be a chargeable request. For any customization inquiries, please contact us on our email [email protected]

16. What is the deadline looks like after we pay for the app?

Ans: Please do note that we would be taking approx. 5-7 Working Days to deliver the first Application as APK with only branding changes as skin changes as per the client logo.
In the second phase we would be integrating the Google Map API and Payment Gateway as per the API documents you have shared, which would take approx. 60 Working hours and in days approx. 8-10 Working days. Again, we would request you please have some con-ordination or details to discuss with Payment Gateway team to make the process inline.
Once everything is completed, we can push the app to live store and hand over the code or deploy the app on your server. Which would again require approx. 2-3 business days.

17. What is so different with Eatance APP?

Ans: We provide the source code for our applications to all our customers. We also provide the support for the app or package you purchase to assist on app submission and take your business live. Certainly, there are many of our competitors selling similar products as very low cost but again you hardly able to find their support. With Eatance you will always have premium services such as branding for all the material for marketing your business. And most importantly, Eatance is backed up with Evince Development with the 9+ years strong presence in market.

Admin Panel #

1. Can I control User Profile as being Administrator?

Ans: Certainly, you can can view customers’ profile details and can always activate/deactivate Users Profiles.

2. Can I send custom notification or emails to the users?

Ans: Absolutely, you can just not create custom notification and emails but also can save them for further purpose. We have even provide you the functionality to send the notification and emails as per the categories/groups. Either you can send messages/emails to all or select the category such as Customers and Store Admins.

3. Can I add advertisement while users view the profiles?

Ans: Certainly, as administrator you can edit and activate/disable in-app ads which are currenty shown after five swipes. We can always help you with other mechanism for Advertisement display in app, however, that is something we can do in customization.

4. Is the Subscription model has been define for Users while signup?

Ans: Certainly, Users can select the subscription that suits them. Further, we can design subscription model base on your request in customization. For example: User can procure yearly or monthly subscription on APP.

5. Can I change content of the static pages?

Ans: Certainly, you can always view and edit the Privacy Policy, Help and support & license of the application pages content.

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