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White Label Food Delivery App Tekeya

Enhancing Halal Food Delivery With Let's Halal App




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Lets Halal App

Streamlining Online Ordering for a Cloud Kitchen Success Story


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White Label Food Delivery App Dakarfood

Streamlining Online Ordering for a Cloud Kitchen Success Story


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White Label Food Delivery App Tasty

Elevating Diners Experience & Boosting Profitable Sales

Whether you're a cloud kitchen, an oversized chain restaurant, or an aspiring entrepreneur, we provide the products to scale your business.

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Food Businesses love us from 28 Countries

  • Pritis Pickle online ordering Platform
  • Panfrombies online ordering platform
  • Appotix
  • Rapi
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  • The London Shakes Restaurant website

What We Offer

We offer smart food-tech products to make your food business thrive. Elevate Your Diners experience, stay ahead of the competition & boost your profit with Eatance. Explore following our three best Food Tech Solutions.

Online Food Ordering Platform

White-label Food Ordering Platform with Data Intelligence [MRP]

Empower your startup to compete with industry giants and achieve multi-million Dollar success in Food Tech.

  • Smart Admin Management
  • Get Complete Control of Your Data
  • Branded Mobile Apps & Ordering Website
  • Smart Order Management with Auto Assignment
  • Intuitive & Seamless Customer Experience & many more features
Toronto Food coupons app

Eatance Food Coupons Marketplace

Enjoy Incredible Savings on Your Favorite Meals In Toronto With the Eatance Food Coupons App while Restaurants attract new Diners and encourage repeat visits with irresistible coupon offers.

  • Free for Diner, Free for Restaurants
  • Best Discount on Real Menu
  • Go Paperless & Get Digital Food Deals
  • Directly Connect with Restaurant Order-direct
  • Better Brand Promotions for Restaurants
Restaurant Builder with Online ordering

Restaurant Builder [RB]

Let you boost your profit up to 50% by saving whopping commissions and multiple subscriptions while getting new Diners to your restaurant.

  • Streamline Operations, Save Labor Cost & Reduce Manpower
  • Improve Your Customer Experience & Attract More Diners
  • Boost Your Profit With All-in-one System
  • Our Ecosystem is Designed to Deliver Sustainable Growth for Food Businesses
  • Eliminate All major 3rd party Dependencies

Loved by the Restaurant Owners, Trusted by 2200+ FoodTech startups

Menna Shahin

Co-Founder of Tekeya

“I had a great experience! They assisted with our mobile app, impressed by their quality, organization, and timely delivery. Grateful for finding such a company!”

Jordan Walker

Food Runners LLC, USA

“Great experience with an affordable company found through an online search. Excellent communication, helpful, and delivered website and applications within a month. Grateful for their hard work.”

Jordan Walker

United Kingdom

“Highly customizable platform, ideal for 2 React Native apps and a backend admin panel. Code quality is par, and it offers robust, usable features.”

Jung Hao


“Started working in April 2020, and my partner bought an Eatance App with their marketing team. Surprised by Eatance's willingness to implement requested features, believing anything is possible.”

Luca D'Ottavio

CEO of Dakar Food Delivery

“Started with Eatance in late 2019 after purchasing the Eatance App. We gave them the whole development of our food delivery app in Dakar & they delivered on our goals & targets.”

Fatkhiddin Zayniddinov

Blink App, Uzbekistan

In June 2020, we had a food delivery business idea but lacked time & a team. Luckily, Eatance impressed us with their helpfulness, professionalism, timeline, price, & trust and quality. We continue to collaborate with them.

Happy Stories

Just take a quick peek & learn about the Amazing Stories of our Valued Clients. Nothing makes us happier than their Beautiful & Successful Journey with Eatance!


Transforming Medical Ordering and Delivery with a Mobile App

A German startup had an Idea to make pharmacy accessible for everyone at one click. They need a solution to create a marketplace of pharmacies where an ordinary person can reach a nearby pharmacist at convenience. They named this startup idea Appotix.

La Paan Villa

Streamlining Food Ordering and Delivery with La Paan Villa App

La Paan Villa, a renowned restaurant in Montreal, Canada, offers a unique culinary experience by combining home cooking with Indian street food flavors. They aim to provide customers with delicious and healthy dishes beyond traditional Indian curry. Recognizing the importance of time and the digital age, La Paan Villa sought […]

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created our FAQ based on all the questions we hear from all our Customers. Please refer to them to get better clarity about the Eatance.

  1. What is Eatance?

    Eatance is a thriving Food tech startup supported by the Ontario Centre of Innovation, revolutionizing the Restaurant & Food Industries with the Best Restaurant Website Builder, White label Multi-Restaurant Pro [MRP] Food Delivery & Ordering Apps, and FREE Food coupon Marketplace App. Eatance also specializes in crafting beautiful Restaurant ordering websites with all futuristic features & tools to skyrocket their sales and create Impeccable Brand value.

  2. What is Eatance Multi-Restaurant Pro [MRP] Aggregator & Food Delivery App?

  3. What is Eatance Restaurant Builder?

  4. Where are you based?

  5. What kind of support will you provide?

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Eatance Launched a Food Coupon Marketplace App at Collision Conference In Canada
29 Jun 2023 Eatance Launched a Food Coupon Marketplace App at Collision Conference In Canada

Toronto, Ontario, June 27th, 2023 – Eatance, a leading food tech company, successfully launched its Food Coupon Marketplace app at the Collision conference in Canada, attracting over 40,000 attendees, one of the largest tech events in North America. The launch is made possible through the support of the City of Brampton, Brampton Innovation District, BHive, and EvinceDev. This innovative

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Building a Better Restaurant Website: Why Canadian Owners Choose Eatance Over Wix
12 Jun 2023 Building a Better Restaurant Website: Why Canadian Owners Choose Eatance Over Wix

Canadian restaurants need a strong online presence to attract new customers, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. With numerous website builders available, Canadian restaurant owners often face the choice between Eatance and Wix – two popular platforms known for their feature-rich offerings. However, when it comes to catering specifically to

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