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Top Features of Multi Restaurant App

Branded customer ordering app for web & mobile

Create Restaurant Mobile Apps & Website for your customers.

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  • Easy Sign Up

    Cutomers can easily sign up or place an guest order

  • Restaurant Profile

    Customers can view the detailed profile of the listed Restaurants & place orders from them.

  • Track Your Order

    The Customer can easily track their orders place on the Customer App.

  • Customer Review

    Customers can share reviews & ratings based on their experience of the service provided by the restaurant.

  • Driver Tip

    Customer can add tips for the Delivery executive while placing orders.

Driver App

Manage your agents & deliveries efficiently.

Instant New Order Notification in Driver readymade App
  • Instant New Order Notification

    Drivers can receive sound & visual notifications when an order arrives or is assigned, even when the app is closed.

  • Route Optimization for Drivers

    After Assigning delivery, the app suggests the shortest & fastest routes to delight your customers with on-time delivery.

  • My Earnings

    Drivers can explicitly track the details of their order-wise earnings.

  • Driver Profile

    Delivery Executives can update important information using the profile section.

  • Online/Offline

    Delivery Executives can mark their status Online/Offline as per their availability.

Store App for restaurant management

Provide a separate App for managing orders.

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  • Accept/ Reject Request

    The Store Admin can accept or reject orders based on their availability.

  • Assign Drivers

    Restaurant Admin can also assign the orders to Drivers manually based on their availability.

  • Advance Management

    Easily manage all orders by consolidating orders, Delivery partners, or enable/disable outlet locations to run operations smoothly.

  • Order Status

    Admin can update order status as per need from Admin mobile app.

  • Rejection Reason

    Restaurant/Store Admin can also select predefined reject reasons for rejecting orders.

Admin panel for marketplace management

Get complete control of your website & mobile apps from your admin panel.

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  • Analytics Dashboard

    View customer's and Restaurant activities, numbers of orders, total & much more.

  • Coupons & Offers Management

    Create Promotional coupons to attract customers & increasing sales.

  • Delivery Zone Management

    Create special Delivery zones on Map to ensure customers can only place orders for serviceable areas.

  • Menu Management

    You have complete control the Menu items of all partner restaurants.

  • Review And Ratings

    Customers can place their ratings and reviews for the Restaurant Vendor they have committed for the request.

Globally Tried & Tested!

What You Get With
Multi Restaurant App?

  • Customer Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • Driver Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • Store Admin Mobile App (iOS & Android)
  • Online Ordering Website (Frontend)
  • Backend/Web Administrator & Store Admin
  • Rest API connecting Mobile Apps
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Online Ordering System Demo

Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App Tour

Our multifeatured app provides user-friendly features to help easy adaption for food industry consumers. Your Online Food Delivery & Multi Restaurant Aggregator Business needs the right features to Skyrocket Sales & Streamline Operations.

Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Multi Restaurant Aggregator App Screen
Multi Restaurant Aggregator App Screen
Multi Restaurant Aggregator App Screen
Driver Commision screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator app
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App
Driver New Order Screen in Multi Restaurant Aggregator App

On Demand Custom Services

We also provide customization services based on client requests to provide the best possible solution for their business needs. Here are our Best Custom Features for On Demand Food Delivery Businesses.

Local Payment Gateway Integration

Payment Gateway Integration with Local Vendors for better support & Business needs.

Buy Add on Local Payment Gateway Integration for Food Delivery App
Delivery Partner Integration

Delivery Partner integration with DoorDash, Relay, Shadowfax, etc.

Delivery Partner Integration
Delivery Fee Algorithm

Delivery Fee calculation work like base price + per kilometer + city + Time + Weekday, etc.

Delivery Fee Algorithm Feature
Menu Item Gallery

More images can be uploaded from the admin panel for each menu item.

Buy Digital Menu Item Gallery Feature for Food Delivery app
Schedule Management

Schedule the holidays/Closed days t.o manage online orders more efficiently.

Schedule Management of Online order
Checkout OTP Verification

Integration with Twillio, Firebase, etc for OTP Verification for at Checkout flow.

Shopping Cart Feature
QR code/Code mechanism validation

QR code/Code mechanism in order to validate the driver pick up and delivery.

QR code mechanism in order to validate the driver pick up and delivery
Kitchen App

Kitchen App for seamless communication with Kitchen with cooking instruction notes.

Kitchen App for seamless communication with Kitchen
Chef Mangement

Advance Chef Management Module for Chefs for easier & faster access.

Advance Chef Management Module for Chefs for easier & faster access
Waiters Management

Waiter Management Module allows them to take dine-in orders for customers.

Buy Waiter Management Module
Automated Call reminder

Automated phone call reminders for admin so that there are unattended orders.

Automated Call reminder Food Delivery App Feature
Live Chat

Integrate Chat feature between Restaurant & customers after order is accepted.

Chat feature between Restaurant & customers
Fetch RSS Feeds/Blogs

Simply fetch existing blogs, RSS feed & show them in our mobile application.

Fetch RSS Feeds or Blogs
Driver Tracking

Track all drivers on the Map & decide whom to allocate the new orders.

Driver Tracking Custom Feature
Finance Settlement module

Process all the payments In/out of the system with the use of payment gateway.

Custom Feature Finance Settlement module
Midnight Deliveries

Allows Restaurants to set the Close time & perform seamless execution of operations.

Midnight Deliveries Feature
Scheduled Orders

Customers can pre-order items & also manage number of days for pre-ordering.

Buy Add on Scheduled Orders for Food Delivery app
Invoice Printing

Easy Printing for hand-held POS Devices & Thermal Printers.

Printing for hand-held POS Devices
Layout Changes

Brand/feature relevant layout changes can also be implemented quite easily.

Layout Changes
On Demand Custom Service

Customizable Features: We also create features as per your business requirements, just connect with us.

Multi Restaurant Food Delivery App is a Best Fit For

Restaurant or Food Ordering websites can differ, but they have the same purpose: to promote Business, Run offers about food deals, and increase revenue. We have all the best features of Whitelabel Food Delivery & Ordering App. Eatance Food Delivery Solution is suitable for all food business owners like small restaurants, food trucks, cloud kitchens, chefs, Food Delivery Startups, etc.

Food Delivery App for Startups

Food Aggregator Startups

Best fit for start-ups to build or develop their MVP by saving tremendous efforts & costs.

Delivery App for Chain Restaurants

Chain Restaurants

Link your chain of Restaurants or Food shops for effective central food deliveries

Delivery App for Multiple Restaurants

Multiple Restaurants

List multiple restaurants on your on-demand food delivery app network

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have created our FAQ based on all the questions we hear from all our Customers. Please refer to them to get better clarity about the Eatance.

  1. What is Eatance?

    Eatance is a thriving Food tech startup supported by the Ontario Centre of Innovation, revolutionizing the Restaurant & Food Industries with the Best Restaurant Website Builder, White label Multi-Restaurant Pro [MRP] Food Delivery & Ordering Apps, and FREE Food coupon Marketplace App. Eatance also specializes in crafting beautiful Restaurant ordering websites with all futuristic features & tools to skyrocket their sales and create Impeccable Brand value.

  2. What is Eatance Multi-Restaurant Pro [MRP] Aggregator & Food Delivery App?

  3. What is Eatance Restaurant Builder?

  4. Where are you based?

  5. What kind of support will you provide?

How To Videos

Welcome to our Product Demonstration & "How To" tutorial. We have a recorded full demo video & tutorials that explain step-by-step "How to use the Eatance multi restaurant food ordering & delivery app".

Multi Restaurant Aggregator Trainnig videos
Multi Restaurant aggregator Demo video
Multi Restaurant aggregator In Office Training Video

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