General FAQs #

We have a CMS website and we are doing well with third-party delivery platforms Why do I need an Eatance Ordering Website?

Well, millions of restaurants have websites across the Globe. The correct question is whether they have the right features/tools that skyrocket their sales, make their business operations more efficient, saves your hard-earned profit that third party platforms take away, does it creates the brand value, and make their Customer happy. Eatance does it all. Our solution is well validated by numerous restaurants/food businesses across the Globe and turned them happy!

Where are you based?

We have multiple locations across the Globe, our head office is located in Canada, and we also have our main development centre in India.

Hosting and Support #

What Content Management System (CMS) are Eatance Website Builder Stores hosted on?

Our Restaurant Stores are hosted on our own proprietary CMS which is built to be intuitive for restaurant operators.

Does Eatance Website Builder own my domain?

No, you will own your own unique domain name. With Eatance you don’t need purchase a domain from your end as we already provide a free Sub Domain.

Are Eatance Website Builder websites secure?

Eatance Website Builder Stores are Level 1 PCI compliant and use a 128-bit encryption for guaranteed security. A Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is enabled on every checkout page.

What does Eatance Website Builder offer for training?

You don’t have to worry about the convention training, Eatance has already created a complete set of tutorial videos, which you can access to learn whenever you want. For any additional support you can always raise a ticket on

Where do I find Training Videos?

We have Eatance Restaurant Website Builder playlist on youtube that explains all the basic & advance workflow. Please Click Here to access the same:

Design #

Who is going to design my website?

You get a default premium theme at NO COST but if you want something special for your restaurant, Eatance has a lot of premium theme options to select from.

Are Eatance Website Builder websites mobile friendly?

Yes. Every Eatance Website Builder website is mobile friendly and responsive, ensuring your website experience adjusts according to the device your visitor is using.

Are Eatance Website Builder websites built for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes. You'll find best practice SEO features, like customizable URLs and meta titles, robust menu schemas, optimized page structures and more in every Eatance Website Builder website.

What if I want to change content or Images my website?

Through the Eatance Website Builder backend platform, you will have the tools to make content and photo updates at any time. In case you wish to upgrade to a Premium theme, you are always free to do so.

Does Eatance Website Builder build websites using templates?

Yes. Our Premium Themes were created from the ground up to give our designers the flexibility needed to create unique designs while still providing you the restaurant-focused features needed to succeed online.

Are your websites accessible?

Digital accessibility is a top priority for our customers. The Eatance Website Builder platform has been built in line with WCAG guidelines. We have and continue to conduct manual audits of our restaurant themes.

Online Ordering #

How long does it take to set up online ordering?

With Eatance Website Builder Online Ordering, you can launch online ordering for your restaurant in couple of Hours. To start, you can simply add the menu, prices. Setup Payment Gateway and you are ready Sell Online.

Does Online Ordering link to a 3rd party website?

No, Online Ordering lives on your website. Online Ordering keeps guests on your website to complete their transaction.

What commission percentage does Online Ordering take?

Eatance Website Builder Online Ordering is a zero commission service. The primary goal of Eatance is to empower small Restaurant & Food Start-ups.

What settings do I have control over with Online Ordering?

You have full control over online ordering. You can manage pickup, Delivery & Dine-in Orders as well. Full control over what information your guests see when they place an order. You also have access to order history and the guest database. You can easily access and export this information to re-market to your guests.

Ecommerce & Integrations #

How are credit card transactions processed?

Our System comes with integration of with Paypal, Stripe or Square. Additional information, and exceptions, can be found on each processor's website.

What e-commerce tools are available through Eatance Website Builder?

Eatance Restaurant Website comes with Advance Order management features which enable you manage your operation seamlessly.

Branding and Support #

Can I make changes to the website as per my Branding?

With Eatance Website Admin Panel, you get access to our premium Customizer which allows you to all major changes that you need to make as per your Branding such as update logo, Colors, Images Etc

I don't have a logo. Does Eatance Website Builder create logos?

Unfortunately, we do not create Logo, it needs to added from your end. The recommended height is 100px – 120px and the height varies based on design. If no logo exists, a preset text-based logo will be provided in your website.

What type of photography is recommended?

Photos on your Eatance Website Builder site should be between 100KB and 300KB in order to ensure fast load times. Resolution varies depending on how the images are being used. The file types we recommend are .jpeg and .png. The best practise is to optimize all images before uploading them in the website.

Cost and Billing #

How much does Eatance Website Builder cost?

Eatance Website Builder was designed with sole goal of empowering Restaurants & start-ups thus the pricing was decided to kept at a lower point, the monthly cost of just $20. Currently there is Free Give Away Offer for new registrations, All stores signing up now will be FREE UNTILL 31st DECEMBER 2023.

Do I need to Enter Credit Card Details for Signing Up in Free Giveaway?

No, you do not need to provide any payment information for Free Giveaway Offer. Just Register and Start Selling Online!

What does the website setup fee include?

The website setup is very easy and there are self-explanatory videos for all the items, Still if you need further assistance, you can always raise a ticket at You’ll be connected with a Support Expert.

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel anytime, providing 30 days notice, by contacting our support team.