New Opportunity for Online Grocery Businesses in COVID-19

grocery business opportunities

Grocery online Stores around the globe were overburdened at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and attempted to fulfil the extraordinary demand. People were filling-up their carts rapidly just to find that their request couldn’t be passed as there were no pickup windows available. Those that were sufficiently fortunate to put in the request found that countless of their products had been missing on transmission. Grocery stores were outmatched, supply was low (as people stocked up), and there were barely any representatives available to pass on the requirement or help for pickups.


Although, due to the expanded coronavirus cases, people have remained in their homes as an anticipation measure to counter coronavirus. Along these lines, during and for a brief timeframe, just a portion of people could head outside! As an impact, people could not get what they needed, even the products inside the Grocery Stores got into drains anyways.


How people battled for Groceries in the prior long stretches of lockdown?

Because of the precarious situation of COVID-19, the government authorities around the globe have broadened the lockdown. Thus, one of the most noteworthy worries among people was stapling groceries unavailable in their day by day schedule. People faced problems in purchasing groceries in offline stores because of the sought-after as this pandemic situation ensured that grocery stores were either open for a few hours daily or on substitute days.


At present, people around the globe cannot find essential products. Globally, people are battling to store the products they need in their regular day to day existence. Each area, path, town has been bolted up, because of the improvement of the numerous nations that have encountered tremendous economic loss.


What’s the solution, then?

To determine the basic grocery issues in this pandemic circumstance, numerous consumers around the globe have started their own online shopping platforms (Website/App) for groceries. This pandemic has also offered a decent motivator for urging customers to go online to search for groceries. Online grocery shopping, which was anticipated as a leisure service just half a year ago, has now become a worldwide necessity. From medications to food products, an on-demand delivery application has had the option to address a portion of the people’s most serious issues in these tough situations.


From ordering grocery online to tracking products during the delivery procedure, technology advancements are changing everything. For any individual, to start an online grocery business, the grocer should have a website/app which can fulfill the demands of the customers. The grocer should know that the app should be user friendly. Especially its features, which plays a vital role in attracting customers.


Affordability, security, and time-saving have attracted the most to digital solutions, including for our basic, essential, and regular needs. On-demand grocery delivery applications should provide a better experience to customers who want to purchase. Store managers, vegetable shop owners, and grocery vendors, start-ups, and entrepreneurs are searching for the application development company to improve their business with the development of the online application, especially grocery ordering and delivery. Thus, Eatance App has launched an on-demand grocery delivery app known as “Eatance Grocery App”.


Eatance Grocery App

Eatance App is an On-Demand Grocery Delivery App offering a custom solution based on your business requirements. You can add or dispense with features to suit your plan of action. The Eatance Grocery App provides a personalized solution to raising your digital grocery set-up costs by 85 percent, based on your business prerequisites and capacity.


Eatance Grocery App offers adaptability and splendid design, functionality, and appearance to associate with customers without any problem. The features provided by Eatance Grocery App improve itself than the various applications available right now.


With multiple aspects, for example, manage products, category, order status, reports, multiple language support, inventory management, etc. Eatance Grocery App is an extraordinary approach that makes it simple to utilize.


Eatance Grocery App Features

  • User Signup/Easy Registration
    You can quickly register just by filling name, email ID, and phone number.


  • Easy Search
    You can find groceries or veggies just by filtering products based on the category such as food & grain etc.


  • Schedule Delivery
    For delivery, you can select the delivery date on our app.


  • Order Confirmation
    You will receive a confirmation of the order with the help of a push notification after placing an order.


  • Payment Options
    Eatance App provides you with various options such as COD or net banking & other payment gateways.


  • Product for you
    Eatance App displays featured products under this section from the admin, e.g. food grains, biscuits, etc.



  • Review & Ratings
    Post services experience via reviews & ratings on the Eatance App.


  • Manage Profile
    By adding images, contact details, billing addresses, & more, you can manage profile to enhance user experience.


  • Smart Find
    You can find grocery products by sorting or filtering categories like Packaged food, Gourmet food, etc.


  • Promo Code
    To get maximum benefit on your order, you can choose a promo code.


  • Social Share
    You can share the app with friends and family via social media & even post reviews in the play store.


  • Multiple Addresses
    During the checkout process, you can add multiple addresses & select one for grocery delivery.


  • Order Overview
    Before placing an order you can view summary order, check price, billing address, and payment option.


  • Order History
    Using past order history, you can quickly reorder, see the product, and price details too.


  • Multi-Language Support
    Eatance App supports multilingual catering to a wider audience.


How can Eatance Grocery App scale up your business?

  • Eatance Grocery App enhances the grocery store’s reach by providing an online presence with a user-friendly & eye-catchy Mobile Delivery app.


  • You will have an Admin Panel, which can be accessed from your smartphone or computer instantly. You can manage the entire inventory with the aid of the Admin Panel.


  • You will have the ability to manage stock notifications, so you can easily order them. In addition to this, you will also be able to monitor all of your past, current and future stocks.


  • Our grocery app’s primary purpose is to gain customers’ loyalty, through which you can retain existing customers and attract new ones. And Eatance Grocery App offers a personalized and highly-intuitive user experience.


  • With Eatance Grocery App, customers can be offered various payment options. That includes credit card, debit card, PayPal and so on. They will pay through this using their preferred option.


  • Eatance Grocery App enables you to acquire customer’s data including the most sought-after products, most used payment methods, and many more. Through such data you can get an idea of the expectations and preferences of the user, and you can make an informed decision.



These are times of worldwide health-related crisis, and conveying basic things to your customers ought to be the most extreme need for your business. As a grocer, the decisions you make today will have a lasting impact on your business. The secret to improving your business is to provide customers with a better experience. This will ensure repeat business and bring new customers through recommendations. Eatance plays a vital role in expanding your business above and beyond. Eatance knows what your customers want and fulfills their needs.

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