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Actiwines :

On-Demand Liquor Delivery App

One of the French Liquor store Actiwines needed a solution to automate their whole supply chain from inventory and vendor assignment through ordering and delivery. They want customers should be able to order in-app simply and intuitively.


Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering

The Startup from Romania (Rapi App) wanted to create an easy food ordering app with multiple restaurants that allow users to place regular orders and has all of the app's features available on both Android and iOS. The goal was to build an app to help the Restaurants to generate quality leads and enable people to place orders fairly.

Appotix :

Online Pharmacy App

A German startup had an Idea to make pharmacy accessible for everyone at one click. They need a solution to create a marketplace of pharmacies where an ordinary person can reach a nearby pharmacist at convenience. They named this startup idea Appotix.

Gokul Restaurant :

Multi-Cuisine Garden Restaurant

Gokul Restaurant is a Multi-Cuisine Dinner specializing in Indian Food located in Ahmedabad - Gandhinagar highway. This traditional Dinner just served walk-in Customers & Take Away. After Pandemic Struck, their sales were struggling, and they needed a new way to reach their customers

Priti’s Pickles :

Homegrown Food Business

Priti's Pickles is a homegrown brand that produces small batches of lip-smacking pickles from fresh farm fruits and veggies. They specialize in variety such as Mango, lemon, Chile, and a few veggies as well.

Panfrombies :

Passionate Woman Home Chef

Panfrombies is a brand that specializes in mouth-watering Pan Dishes. This kitchen is run by Passionate Home Chef, who started her journey as Hobby and now wants to take it to the next level.

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