Restaurant POS System
Delivery Zone in Restaurant POS System

Delivery Zone Management

Get precise creation & set up of zones for delivery orders.

Delivery zones are geographical locations where online food businesses deliver, and many stores charge various fees depending on the location. You may specify several delivery locations for your stores and set different pricing per area with the new delivery zones option.

By just clicking on the map, you may change the restaurant delivery zones at any moment - these are fully digitized deliveries. You can easily adjust the menu, and customers can view them in real-time!

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Dine-In Orders Management

Dine Orders

Manage the entire Restaurant floor at your fingertips

You may create the tables and view the real-time service performance of each table using this restaurant POS system. Take orders and collect card payments at the table ordering and on the back deck with an innovative POS system.

On the restaurant POS station, checking the supply of your items was never more accessible, but now it is easy. Our POS allows users to create & manage tables for Dine-In Orders. And its advanced features help to manage the entire flow with ease.

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Pickup Orders Management

Pickup Orders

Managing Online Orders was never this Easy

When anyone's order food online is made for pickup, an employee can utilize the Restaurant point of sale (POS) system to begin the pickup process. The final payment capture will be handled by the POS as necessary.

It's specifically developed for restaurants with a high number of the restaurant take out orders. Restaurants may use it to handle phone calls, manage pickup orders, and so on.

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Restaurant Service Charge

Tax & Service charges

Manage all Charges & Fees that are necessary

After implementing the Restaurant POS module, you will be able to view fixed and % Service Charge options to apply session-by-session, as well as the ability to apply defined service costs to each POS order.

The pos receipt will print the applied point of sale service costs. On a POS order, you can include a service charge. It might be 'Fixed' or 'Percentage.' Configure tax according to the needs of the business. You can also charge a service fee on orders.

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FAQs for Restaurant POS system

We have created our FAQ based on all the questions we hear from all our Customers. Please refer to them to get better clarity about the Eatance.

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