Toronto, 19th June—In a spectacular event at the Collision Conference, attended by 40,000 people from 130 countries, Maulik Pandya and the Eatance team officially launched the "No Markup Food Ordering" Eatance app. The launch received strong support from the Ontario Center of Innovation and OneEleven Accelerator members.

Marking its grand entry with a single click, Eatance gave away $216,000 in Eatance coins to 18,000 loyal diners. This generous giveaway, designed to reward existing users, will be utilized to order food from local restaurants, providing significant support to small businesses.

With the Full Launch, Eatance Introduces Several Exciting Features

1. Eatance Rewards and Coins

Diners earn rewards with every action and can use these rewards to get an additional 5% discount on food orders. These coins can be accumulated and redeemed for exclusive deals and offers, providing more value to loyal customers while helping local restaurants attract more customers.


2. Improved Notifications

Enhanced notifications through emails and messages ensure that users never miss out on special offers, order updates, or new features.

3. Scheduled Orders

Users can place orders in advance, even when the restaurant is closed, ensuring their meals are ready when needed.

4. Flexible Coupons

Coupons can now be applied based on the day and meal times, including lunch and dinner, offering more tailored savings opportunities.

5. Bug Fixes

Various bug fixes for a smoother and more reliable user experience.

Eatance CEO Maulik Pandya delivered a compelling pitch at the startup showcase during the conference, highlighting the core values and innovative features of the Eatance app. "Our mission is to cut food ordering costs by 40% to 90% with 'No Markup Food Ordering Platform' compared to other popular food ordering apps and to create a rewarding dining experience for everyone. By eliminating excessive commission fees and offering real menu prices, we empower restaurants to thrive and provide genuine value to their customers," said Pandya.

Exciting Plans for Eatance Were Also Shared, Including:

  • Upcoming Campaign: Bogo offers from multiple restaurants on real menu prices for the entire month of July.
  • Restaurant Onboarding: During the Beta launch, only 15 restaurants were onboarded out of 352. Soon, most existing and new restaurants will be onboarded, offering a wide range of options.
  • Enhanced User Experience: Continuously improving the app interface and features based on user feedback.
  • Community Support Initiatives: Collaborating with local communities and food businesses to promote sustainable dining practices.

Eatance Beta, launched on 17th May, introduced features like "No Markup" food ordering, table booking, and event vouchers. During the Beta phase, 15 restaurants, including MaharajaBhog, Barkat, Sankalp, Moti Mahal, Ulluo Lounge, and Eggoholic, participated in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Diners warmly embraced the Beta, resulting in approximately 212 orders in less than a month.

Eatance is dedicated to supporting diners and restaurants with its no-markup food ordering and other features designed to enhance the dining experience. With the new rewards system, Eatance saves money and creates a more engaging and rewarding dining experience for its users.

About Eatance

Eatance is a revolutionary food app committed to creating an everyday food ordering app that offers convenience and savings. By eliminating excessive commission fees and offering real menu prices, Eatance empowers restaurants to thrive and provides genuine value to customers. It include no-markup food ordering, table booking, event vouchers, rewards and coins, scheduled orders, and flexible coupons. Eatance aims to foster a happy you, Happy Restaurant culture.