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Elevating Your Dining Experience & Enriching Your Culinary Journey

Whether you are a food enthusiast exploring new flavors or a casual diner seeking convenience, Eatance is here to enhance your culinary adventures.

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Eatance partners with the best restaurants and event organizers to bring you an unmatched selection of coupons and deals.

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In a culinary revolution with Eatance, we redefine the dining experience. Our suite of innovative products harnesses the power of cutting-edge technology, empowering diners, food businesses & entrepreneurs to thrive.

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Eatance App

The Eatance app transforms the dining experience by offering seamless food ordering, table booking, and access to food events.

  • Free for Diner, Free for Restaurants
  • Food Ordering Made Transparent
  • Effortless Table Booking
  • Priority Access for Food at Events
  • Tons of Rewards That Delight
Online Food Ordering Platform

White-label Food Ordering Platform with Data Intelligence [MRP]

Empower your startup to compete with industry giants and achieve multi-million dollar success in Food-Tech.

  • Smart Admin Management
  • Get Complete Control of Your Data
  • Branded Mobile Apps & Ordering Website
  • Smart Order Management with Auto Assignment
  • Intuitive & Seamless Customer Experience

Happy Stories

Just take a quick peek & learn about the Amazing Stories of our Valued Clients. Nothing makes us happier than their Beautiful & Successful Journey with Eatance!

Tekeya App

Revolutionizing Food Delivery and Fighting Food Waste in Egypt

Tekeya, is an application designed to fight food waste and help in solving the environmental crisis, in Egypt in 2019. Menna Shahin is an Egyptian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Tekeya. She is also among the first Egyptian women who started a Travel Business Exclusively for women. Menna aspires to empower […]


Multi-Restaurant Food Ordering

The Startup from Romania (Rapi App) wanted to create an easy food ordering app with multiple restaurants that allow users to place regular orders and has all of the app's features available on both Android and iOS. The goal was to build an app to help the Restaurants to generate quality leads and enable people to place orders fairly.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have created our FAQ based on all the questions we hear from all our Customers. Please refer to them to get better clarity about the Eatance.

  1. What is Eatance?

    Eatance is a Food-Tech platform revolutionizing the dining and food delivery industry. It offers a comprehensive app that simplifies food ordering, table reservations, and access to food events for diners while providing restaurants and food entrepreneurs with tools to enhance their customer engagement, streamline operations, and increase sales. Eatance focuses on creating a seamless, efficient, and rewarding dining ecosystem for both consumers and businesses.

  2. What is Eatance App?

  3. What is Eatance Multi-Restaurant Pro [MRP] Aggregator & Food Delivery App?

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  5. What type of support can I expect with the MRP product?