As the world is passing through difficult times, pharmacists came out to be the frontline warriors to fight coronavirus. Even when the countries are under nationwide lockdown, the pharmaceutical industry is running with full capacity to provide the essential medical services to the community. However, to ensure the safety of consumers and pharmacists, the Eatance Pharmacy App allows pharmacists to set up their online pharma-shop, to cater the safe transition of medicines to the consumers.

Eatance Online Pharmacy App is a Tailor-made solution for pharmacists who wish to enter the digital world. The apps consist of rich yet simple to use features that enable pharmacists to manage and grow their pharmacy business online efficiently.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected more than 180 countries globally. To tackle the spread, nations have resorted to lockdowns and social distancing norms. With the global surge in the COVID-19 cases, more and more health care professionals are seeking help from pharmaceutical manufacturers for quick availability of drugs to treat patients. On the other hand, pharmacists are also dealing with an increased number of patients coming to their shop for different ailment medicines. Some non-COVID-19 patients even started stockpiling medicines with the fear of limited supplies.

During these unprecedented times, the role of pharmacists has grown important. In an attempt to ease the pressure on health care workers and to flatten the COVID curve, some pharmacists across the globe have even started delivering medicines at the doorsteps of the patients. Moreover, considering COVID-19 risk, there has been a surge for selecting online mediums to purchase the medicines.

Since there is an upsurge in the demand of online medicines, it is an incredible business opportunity for brick & mortar pharmacy stores to go online and boost sales as well as for pharmacy start-ups who are tight on budget. According to Business Standard, most firms operating in this field have seen at least a twofold rise in orders as compared to earlier times.

Need for Improvements

According to a report, with the advent of technology, 90% of users are spending time on mobile apps; in contrast, only 13% of the users use mobile browsers or web browsers. To match the new-age demands of users, having an app has become really important now. The online pharmacy app will increase the visibility of your business. Moreover, it will also bring convenience to your customers.

As the world is hit by COVID-19 and countries are under lockdown, pharmacists are facing multiple challenges such as difficulty in the transportation of medicines, short supplies, over footfall, the inability of the staff to commute etc. Therefore, a large number of pharmacists are indeed forced to discover new ways to operate their business.

According to a CNBC report, in the United States, around 6,50,000 patients are using telemedicine services per week as compared to 11,000; it depicts a rising need for medication services online.

In this Pandemic, setting up online medicine delivery app can solve multiple problems to minimize your business challenges.

1. Ensuring Safety of Customers and Staff members

Since there is a high chance of viral transmission and social distancing is a norm, it is a good idea to serve customers/patients online. With this, you’re not only contributing to flatten the curve, but you’re keeping yourself, staff and whole community safe.

2. Effectively manage a large number of orders

For a pharmacist who runs a physical store, it gets challenging when he/she has to manage a large number of customers over the counter. But by opting for a pharmacy app solution, a pharmacist can effectively manage orders according to the availability of the product in the inventory.

Moreover, the app allows the categorizing of the product in the right section. So, whenever a customer comes to the app, he/she can easily navigate to the product. The app also allows the admin to manage offers and promo code to entice their customers.

3. Adhering to stringent norms

As the government has imposed restrictions on the opening and closing hours of physical stores, customers cannot buy medicines beyond the fixed time. However, an online store is always accessible to customers. They can upload prescriptions and place an order anytime they want.

4. Staff Shortage

The COVID-19 fear has reduced the workforce count at offices and stores. To run the physical store in the middle of surged demand with few employees may be burdensome. However, you can escape from this trouble by extending your footprints online. Our team of expert pharmacy app developers delivers the app with a robust functionality which reduces the dependency on the workforce.

How can a digital pharmacy store increase sale amid COVID-19?

1. Wider outreach

Online pharmacy has a broader range of customers in comparison to the physical store. If you operate a pharmacy store, your reach is limited to customers living nearby. But by taking medicine delivery business online, you can cater to your existing as well as newer customers. As a result, you will be able to generate more revenue.

2. Enhanced buying experience for customers

While standing in the queue at the pharmacy store, it is difficult for customers to know more about their medicines or check-out other items. But on the online store, your customers can read the description of the medicines and explore different products on the app. Moreover, purchasing medicines online provides a dedicated personal environment for your customers. Thus, the confidentiality of the patient remains maintained.

On Eatance Pharmacy App customers can track the order in real-time. They can also choose different payment methods and avail multiple delivery address options. These features will bring more engagement and conversions on your online store.

3. Cost-Effective for a start-up

If you’re planning to set up an online medicine delivery start-up, then congratulations. You have saved a big portion of your start-up investment. By setting up your online store using Eatance Pharmacy App, you can save up to 85% of your initial investment. Firstly, you won’t need a physical shop to run a business. Secondly, very few employees would be required to manage orders. Running a physical store sometimes turns out to be inconvenient to manage, furthermore, adding to additional cost. You could need at least $25,000 – $50,000 to start a physical pharmacy store, moreover, there will be overhead expenses like paying employees and other maintenance costs as well.

4. Stocking according to demand

As customers can order medicines online, our platform allows you to keep track of delivered orders. It will enable pharmacists to see the upcoming demand for particular medicines and will help them to restock accordingly. Last but not least, they can also analyze the demand & supply to operate accordingly. It will allow them to manage inventory and discourage overstocking.

5. Saves time and energy

Time and convenience go hand in hand. If a patient can simply get a refill of prescription on fingertips instead of going to a physical store, how convenient as well as time-saving, it would be for the buyer and e-pharmacist. Think!

What Eatance Pharmacy App has to offer you?

As the world is becoming increasingly digital, a large section of society is making purchases online. Attractive offers, discounts, online payment, easy returns and delivery of the product at home are some of the reasons why consumers shop online.

To meet the demand of new-age customers, we provide on-demand pharmacy app for pharmacists, which is highly user-friendly even for the novice users. The app is built using high-end technology with scalable code quality to render an enhanced buying experience. The app supports up to 10,000 orders per day.

Eatance Pharmacy App offers three different pharmacy app panels- admin app, customer app and driver app. Each panel is designed to carry out its functions smoothly. The admin panel is the main engine of the system. All the processing till the dispatch is taken care of by the admin. The counter operator or the owner can manage order status, accept or decline orders, view prescriptions, notify its customers and create promo codes and offers.

The customer app is the end-user mobile app that will be used to make an order from the pharmacy store. It facilitates the user to easily navigate products, upload prescriptions, choose the different payment options, rate & review products and track the orders in real-time.

The driver app facilitates delivery executives to view delivery routes, provide them with customer details, option to accept or reject new orders and get commissions.

Pharmacy Delivery app


To conclude, it goes without saying that the online e-pharmacy platform is the booming marketplace in the medicine industry. Modern-day customers are looking for comfortable and convenient options that are available online. So, why not to set up pharmacy business online to offer essential medicine service to your customers? The medicine delivery app development done by us will provide you with high-quality apps without burdening on budget. Our experienced team delivers the most-efficient and quick responsive apps that are not just good for managing the business but attractive enough to garner more customers.

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