The online Liquor Delivery App buying preference for consumers is considerably changing. Nowadays, consumers prefer browsing online and purchasing almost all essential commodities ranging from groceries to luxury items like cars. While this trend has picked up speed over the years, consumers do not mind using technology to order brown spirits at home. The COVID-19 lockdown has bolstered the sales of Liquor online.

As people are forced to stay indoors and are unable to visit bars and restaurants, they are buying alcohol online and getting it delivered at home. Similarly, due to restrictions, sellers aren’t able to function in full swing about stringent regulations. Hence, we have come up with a solution called Eatance Liquor delivery app. The app is a one-stop solution for liquor businesses to scale their sales safely.

Alcohol Consumption during the lockdown

According to, a Nielsen’s report showed that off-premise sales of spirits in the United States have surged by 34.1% from the last year for nine weeks at a stretch until May 2, whereas the sales of wine surged by 30.1% during the same period. The sales of beer crossed 12.6%. The data depicts that the quarantine period has given more time for people to drink and relax.

Since, Coronavirus pandemic has touched every nook of the 180 countries, forcing nations to implement complete/partial lockdown, none of the bars, pubs or restaurants is running in full capacity. Moreover, in several states, governments have mandated social distancing and have requested people not to get out of their homes without compelling reasons. The governments are encouraging people to buy essential and non-essential goods online to break the chain of COVID-19 transmission.

Since markets in several countries are shut, plus Liquor comes under non-essential items, alcohol consumers are unable to buy booze from a physical store, which indicates the rising need for online solutions.

According to, a New York-based Cowen Inc. conducted COVID-19 research with experts. The reports suggested that liquor market share remained completely uninterrupted; in fact, the off-premise sales increased exponentially.

A steep increase in consumer demand for alcohol; is an excellent opportunity for liquor sellers to go digital and serve customers online. According to a report by, liquor delivery apps have witnessed an increase in sales of 300% to 500 % since January. It is evident from the data that consumers are heavily relying on apps to procure Liquor.

A Ray of opportunity for liquor business owners

To scale liquor sales and ease the business operations amid the COVID crisis, we introduced Eatance Liquor App. The app helps business owners to deliver all types of drinks such as beer, wine, whiskey, rum and many more based on customers’ demands to facilitate them with convenience and comfort.

Our core objective to provide liquor delivery app development service is to empower alcohol beverage start-ups and entrepreneurs. In the time of COVID-19, when safely managing a business is a major concern, the Eatance Liquor App allows businesses to safely transit drinks to customers, which, as a result, instils trust and builds brand loyalty.

With our on-demand liquor mobile app, your customers can quickly select their favorite drinks from the menu section, add them to their cart and get them delivered at home. If you deal only in beer, our on-demand beer delivery app development solution will let your customers choose various beers from the app.

According to a CNN Business report, the sales of online alcoholic beverages increased up to 387% in the U.S. for the week ending on April 11. Total alcohol sales that week grew 26.2%, according to Nielsen. The data depicts the rising need for liquor home delivery services.

Need for Online Liquor Delivery System

Since the liquor market is witnessing an upsurge in demand, and due to stringent norms, vendors face multiple challenges, such as short supplies of liquors, inability to shop in full capacity, staff shortage, less footfall at a physical store. Henceforth, numerous businesses are opting for online solutions to keep their business afloat.

Amidst pandemic, setting up an on-demand alcohol delivery app will help liquor businesses in the following ways:

1. Ensure safe service to consumers

As it is a primary responsibility of every entrepreneur to serve customers with safety in the time of Coronavirus, a liquor delivery application will enable entrepreneurs to receive the order and safely provide Liquor to customers at their doorsteps. This will not only ensure the safety of customers and uphold social distancing norms but will also add convenience.

2. Adhering to social distancing norms

As lockdown is in place in many countries, customers are restricted to buying Liquor beyond a specific time. However, on the app, customers can explore a wide range of brands at any given point and place the order accordingly. Even liquor shop owners are forced to shut their stores early to abide by the government rules. But with on-demand liquor delivery app, an online store owner can even make money while asleep.

3. Easily manage a large number of orders amidst COVID-19

Managing a large number of orders in the COVID-19 situation is one of the biggest challenges for shop owners. Our alcohol delivery app solution will allow you to easily receive or decline orders as per the availability of the products in the inventory.

4. Stock up according to demand

The alcohol delivery app solution  lets you stock up according to demand. With a powerful A.I. integrated app, you can analyze customer and sales data based on order history that can further guide you restock products according to the season and demand.

5. Manage online store with less staff

Having a liquor delivery app will allow you to operate with much lesser staff as most of the job will be done by the app itself. Due to the risk of high virus transmission and lockdown restrictions, many workers are unable to commute, which affects the physical store management. Operating online will reduce a lot of pressure and enable you to manage a store with less staff efficiently.

How can you multiply profits amid COVID-19?

It is undoubtedly true that the liquor business is one of the most lucrative industries, and with the digital expansion, the liquor store will only multiply profits.

According to, consumers spent approximately $2.6 bn in buying alcohol from online Liquor and wine marketplace. Experts have suggested that if the right marketing tricks are applied, then the digits would be billions more. Since we are in a COVID-19 lockdown phase, it is an excellent time for liquor start-ups to bloom.

How Liquor Delivery App can help you multiply profits?

1. Cater to a broader audience

An on-demand alcohol mobile app allows you to cover an extensive range of customers in comparison with brick and mortar store. Since your reach is not limited to only customers living nearby, your business can go extra miles ahead to make new buyers. More shoppers, more revenue!

2. Woo your customers online

When customers scroll the app, the first thing they see is the designs. The Eatance Liquor App comes with beautiful & interactive interface that enhances the shopping experience. Additionally, the app lets you categorize/subcategorize products that make it easy for customers to search for the right products. This feature can drive more traffic on the app, thereby bringing more conversions.

3. Offer a wide range of products

It is quite evident that COVID-19 has caused upheaval in the market, leading to the disrupted supply chain. So, the consumers aren’t able to buy the desired brand from the local store. But an online store may offer them their preferred liquor brands. With our alcohol delivery app development service, you can fulfil the customers’ current needs and in return, receive attractive profits.

4. Pocket-friendly booze delivery app development solution

If you’re planning to establish an online liquor store, do it now! Due to lockdown restrictions, people are looking up for Liquor online. By setting up an online store using the On-demand Eatance Liquor App, you can save 85% of digital business set-up cost. Operating online can additionally help you save on other expenses as well, such as employing less staff and other overhead costs like store rent and other bills.

What Eatance Liquor App has to offer you?

As the world heads to the era of digitalization, people's choices and ways of living, working and shopping have also evolved. Whether it's buying food or jewellery, a greater number of people look up solutions online.

So, to cater to modern age demands, we have come up with Eatance Liquor App for the Liquor shop owners and start-ups. Our liquor delivery mobile app development service offers robust interactive apps developed with high-end technology with business scalability as a prime motive. It supports orders up to 10,000 per day. The app is integrated with rich features, a powerful interface and built to give enhanced user experience to customers and admin.

The Eatance Liquor delivery App offers three panels, named admin, customer and driver panel. Each panel is integrated with a feature to quickly and smoothly carry out functions.

1. The admin app is an integral part of the whole system. It is being operated by the store owner or manager. The admin panel allows business operators to manage the products, receive or decline orders, send notifications to customers and dispatch the orders.

2. The customer app is the end-user app that is to explore the product, place an order and post ratings and review. With smart find feature on the app, a customer can easily search for their favorite alcohol beverage. Not only this, but the app also supports multiple payment options and allows live tracking of the delivery.

3. The driver app facilitates delivery agents to view delivery routes, customer details, option to accept or reject order as per situation and allows them to keep a tab on their daily earnings.

Ready to launch Liquor delivery business

To Sum up!

Digitalization has evolved the overall trading landscape for many businesses, including the liquor industry. Irrespective of the innumerable advantages that the online liquor business enjoys, Liquor and wine sellers are moving from offline trading to online to keep up with the emerging market’s demand. So why not launch your online liquor store? Our team of expert technocrats delivers the best liquor delivery app, which is not only robust but is loaded with interesting features. With our on-demand liquor delivery app development service, take your business to greater heights.