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Diners Selects Coupon

Eatance Coupon App

With the Eatance Coupon App, diners have the power to discover and select your restaurant's enticing deals and discounts. Attract new customers and encourage repeat visits with irresistible coupon offers.

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Digital Menu

Diner Makes an Order or Books a Table

Eatance Digital Menu & Stunning Website

Once diners select their desired coupon, they can easily order or book a table through your stunning Restaurant Digital Menu and Website by Eatance.

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Restaurant Manages the Request

Eatance Order Management POS with KOT

Efficiently manage and process incoming orders and table reservations with the Eatance Order Management POS system. Seamlessly integrate with the Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) system to streamline your restaurant operations.

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Driver Delivers the Order

Driver Assignment & Third-party Integration

Ensure timely and efficient order delivery with the help of Eatance's driver assignment and third-party integration capabilities. Coordinate with delivery drivers and integrate with popular delivery service providers to provide a smooth delivery experience for your customers.

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Boost Your Profit With All-in-one System

Save on Excessive Commission
Avoid Multiple Subscriptions
Increase Customer Loyalty
Upsell Custom Products
Mitigate Food Wastage
Own Your Customer Data

Boost Your Profit With All-in-one System

  • Save On Excessive Commissions
  • Avoid Multiple Subscriptions
  • Increase Customer Loyalty
  • Upsell Custom Products
  • Mitigate Food Wastage
  • Own Your Customer Data
  • Smart Reporting

Trusted By Thousands Of Restaurant Owners

Trusted Owners
  • 1. Online Ordering

    Not just an Ordinary CMS website, it comes with a powerful Online Ordering feature & easy conversion one-click checkout.

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  • 2. Social Media Digital Menu

    Pluggable Digital Menu Page for Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp share to attract new pool customers from social platforms.

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  • 3. Coupons & Offers Management

    Create Promotional coupons to attract customers & increase sales using this powerful tool at your disposal.

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  • 4. Order Management

    Advanced order creation & management options for running the operations smoothly & efficiently.

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  • 5. Beautiful & Fast

    Standout with specially crafted themes for Restaurants & Food Businesses which are lucrative & blazing fast.

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  • 6. SEO Friendly

    Thoughtfully crafted in a way that makes your SEO-Friendly Website gets the desired ranking faster.

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  • 7. Menu Management

    Showcase your beautiful dishes with lucrative pics to attract better sales & revenue.

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Our Ecosystem is Designed to Deliver Sustainable Growth for Food Businesses

We are committed to supporting the growth and success of food businesses. 

  • La Panvilla
  • Tekeya
  • Art Of Dirty
  • Rapi
  • Taaaken
  • Grub
  • Let's Halal
  • LG
  • Tasty

Ideal For

Eatance Restaurant Builder is specifically designed to meet the needs of All types of Food Businesses

  • Small Restaurants

    Small Restaurants

  • Cloud Kitchens

    Cloud Kitchens

  • Home Chefs

    Home Chefs

  • Bakeries or Cafes

    Bakeries or Cafes

  • Food Trucks

    Food Trucks

  • Meal Kit Providers

    Meal Kit Providers

Happy Stories

Just take a quick peek & learn about the Amazing Stories of our Valued Clients. Nothing makes us happier than their Beautiful & Successful Journey with Eatance!

Little George’s Pizza & Pasta Guys

Enhancing Digital Presence and Streamlining Operations

Challenge Little George’s Pizza & Pasta Guys has been Locally owned & operated since 1997, located in Northgate Plaza. Roh wanted to create a solid digital presence with a beautiful Online Ordering Website. But the main challenge was their complex 2 in 1 Pizza products with various Addons, and it […]

La Paan Villa

Streamlining Food Ordering and Delivery with La Paan Villa App

La Paan Villa, a renowned restaurant in Montreal, Canada, offers a unique culinary experience by combining home cooking with Indian street food flavors. They aim to provide customers with delicious and healthy dishes beyond traditional Indian curry. Recognizing the importance of time and the digital age, La Paan Villa sought […]

La Paan Villa

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