Mobile Delivery App has facilitated us to carry out day to day activities more conveniently. From booking movie tickets to ordering food online, everything is just a matter of pressing a few keys on a smartphone. One such domain which has garnered a lot of traction in recent days is grocery delivery apps.

Online grocery stores like Amazon Fresh are a boon to the 21st-century generation, where the lifestyle is hard and fast/ fast-moving. Delivery of essential commodities at doorsteps adds convenience to customer’s life and builds a relationship of loyalty. The grocery app also saves time and money for customers and enhances their overall shopping experience.

So, if you have already zeroed upon starting an on-demand grocery app and have been looking for the right developer and app development estimation, then you’re at the right place. This blog will walk you through the budget estimation, duration and answer most of your app development concerns.

Benefits of owning a Grocery Delivery app:

With a fast-moving lifestyle, customers are relying heavily on apps to avail products and services. According to the Techcrunch report, apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery, and Shipt saw a rise in downloads by 218%, 160%, and 124%, respectively, in March 2020. The figures showcase the demand for grocery apps in the market and a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Food delivery statistics 2021

There are multiple benefits of running a grocery delivery app

  • Cater to a large audience

    An on-demand grocery mobile app allows you to cover a wide expanse of customers. Since online business is not limited to only customers living nearby, you can go the extra mile ahead to make new buyers. More shoppers, more revenue!

  • Offer a wide range of products 

    Give the luxury to your customers to choose a product from a wide range of options. Offer essential commodities of multiple brands on your app and keep your customers happy and satisfied.

  • Better inventory management

    The grocery app is integrated with the Admin panel, through which the store manager/owner can easily manage the inventory. Moreover, the admin can set a notification on stocks, so whenever the items start running out of stock, it will notify the store manager.

  • Hassle-free

    Online orders with grocery delivery software can drastically save time, boost efficiency, and ease managing customers, staff & stocks.

  • 24×7 Convenience for customers

    The grocery app facilitates the customer to order essential items at any day or night.

  • Overhead cost Reduction

    Running an offline grocery store is a cumbersome and costly affair. It involves multiple expenses like staff salary, store rent, and other maintenance costs. But the online grocery business cuts down most of the expenses- you won’t need a store or a lot of staff to run your business.

  • Revenue Maximization

    Expanding business online will create a pool of new opportunities. For example, online grocery stores will let you cater to a wider customer base and generate an attractive sum of money.

Essential features for Grocery Delivery App

Since the online grocery business has a massive market, the business has major players. To identify your business and achieve profits, you need to provide app features that are advanced and suit the needs of modern-day customers.

Customer App:

grocery delivery app

  • User Friendly

    Customers usually look for grocery apps that are easy to use, quickly load, and on which navigating products is easy.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    With increasing online payment trends, customers go for apps that offer multiple payment options like – debit, credit card, e-wallet, POD, COD & other payment gateways.

  • High Speed

    No one likes waiting, particularly when they are looking for something eagerly. If the app takes too long to load, then the customer may seek a better option. The speed of the app can make or break the success of the app.

  • Eye-Catchy Design

    Appealing design and graphics attract customers to use the app more often. The Colour scheme, placement of features in the app, etc., also define usability and success.

  • Push Notification

    Sending personalized notifications about the products customers are interested- in the form of text, graphics, or a combination of both keeps them intrigued.

  • SmartFind

    Equipping customers with a filter option for quick navigation of products allows them to place an order in less time.

  • Schedule Delivery

    Having this feature in your app will allow the customer to choose the date and time of package delivery at their convenience.

  • Real-time tracking

    This is one of the essential features that the grocery app must have. It allows customers to keep track of the package location in real-time.

  • Customer Feedback

    Feedback allows the customer to rate and review different products on the app and helps them make the right buying decision.

Driver App:

grocery driver app

  • Multiple Deliveries

    A grocery app must have multiple delivery options to cater to a large customer base with efficiency.

  • Track Route

    To boost accuracy and fast-track deliveries, an app must have a GPS track location feature.

  • Accept/Decline new order

    Sometimes, delivery executives cannot avail themselves of delivery. An option to accept/decline delivery orders gives a choice to the executive.

  • Live Tracking

    Equipping customers with the live tracking feature of the delivery executive vehicle allows them to learn how far their package is.

Admin Panel:

grocery admin app

  • Product category

    Admin must create multiple categories/ sub-categories based on grocery products and should be notified regularly about the pending stock.

  • Order Status

    To keep a tab on sales daily, an app must have an order notification for admin. So, whenever a new order is placed, processed, or delivered, the admin or owner is updated.

  • Manage Customer

    The admin must track the entire user activity, including purchase history, transaction, comment, etc. Moreover, the admin should be able to create, edit, or deactivate the account for the smooth functioning of the business.

  • Custom Notifications

    To update customers and partners about deals, discounts, and other offers, the admin must customize notifications and keep its audience engaged.

  • Manage Feedback

    To maintain the quality of the app admin must have editing access to delete irrelevant comments posted by customer and delivery executives.

  • Insights/ Reports

    Admin must be able to gauge the traffic, conversions, and customer satisfaction by generating reports to make informed and data-backed decisions.

How much time does it take to develop an On-demand Grocery delivery app?

While estimating the development time of grocery apps like Amazon Fresh or Instacart, several factors have to be considered. First, it is crucial to have a clear idea of what kind of application you want. What would be the design, and how many additional features are required? Then next is- how many platforms do you want to launch the app?

Apart from the above factors, the time and cost are estimated considering the hours spent conceptualizing and developing the app. We have listed the hours needed to build your app for iOS, Android & Web Application (API). We will tell you the accurate grocery app development COST after you tell us your requirements.

development time estimate

How much does it cost to make an on-demand Grocery Delivery app?

The app development charges vary from country to country- to give you a brief idea, we have listed down the budget estimation of different countries as per hours.

cost of development

However, if you want to skip the hourly based cost and terrible development efforts, you can choose the Bespoke option like Eatance Grocery AppSuch a Bespoke solution provides overall listed features at nominal development costs, and you can expect accuracy and fast delivery.

ready to launch your grocery delivery business

What is Eatance Grocery App?

Developing mobile apps can be very expensive and time taking but if you opt for On-demand services. Eatance can drastically reduce development costs and time.

Eatance Grocery App offers tailor-made solutions for on-demand grocery app development to suit the business requirements of start-ups, vegetable store owners, and Small Vendors. It also offers customization to meet your business model and help you save 85% on development costs. With Eatance, you can reimagine your business and take it to the next level.

USP of Eatance Grocery App

  • Scalable Quality Code

    Eatance Grocery App is built to adapt modification quickly with few requirements of new coding.

  • Tested with 10,000+ orders

    The on-demand grocery app can withstand up to 10,000 orders per day.

  • 85% Cost saving

    You save 85% overall development cost by choosing Eatance Grocery App.

  • Cutting edge technology

    The app is built by highly skilled coders with high-end technology.

  • Appealing Design

    The app is designed to consider the user-friendliness and latest market trends.

  • Customization

    To suit your business model, we can add, update or eliminate features from your grocery mobile apps.