New year, new savings goals? We hear you! And what better way to kick off your financial resolutions than by winning free food? That's exactly what Eatance's "Meal On Us" contest is about.

Starting on 22nd January 2024, Eatance is giving GTA and Ontario residents the chance to win food vouchers from partner restaurants for eight glorious weeks. That's a potential month of delicious meals on the house!

So, how does it work?

Step 1: Download the Eatance App – Your Culinary Key

Think of the Eatance App as your personal Michelin guide to delicious savings. 

Download it onto your phone and unlock a world of discounts, coupons, and exclusive access to the "Meal On Us" contest. 

Create an account (or log in if you're already an Eatance App) and prepare for a flavor-filled adventure.

Step 2: Dine Like a Boss (and Save Like One)

The more you eat, the higher your chances of winning! Browse the app's treasure trove of deals and start exploring the culinary landscape of your city. Discover hidden gems and rediscover old favorites, from pizza to sizzling samosas. Every $9+ invoice from a participating "Meal On Us" restaurant counts as an entry. So, polish your chopsticks, sharpen your fork, and get ready to conquer your city, one delicious bite at a time.

Step 3: "Meal On Us" – Enter the Win Food Contest

When you're within 200 meters of a "Meal On Us" partner restaurant, Look for the special icon within the app – it's your golden ticket to free food! Snap a picture of your restaurant bill (minimum $9) and upload it through the app. Think of it as your audition tape for the ultimate foodie reality show. Just remember, clarity is key! Ensure your photo captures all the essential details: date, time, restaurant name and address, and the grand total (of deliciousness, of course).

Step 4: Relax and Savor the Anticipation

Once you've submitted your entry, sit back, relax, and let the food fairies work their magic. Eatance will verify your invoice and notify you of your culinary fate. Remember, the more invoices you submit, the higher your chances of becoming a champion chowdowner! So, unleash your inner adventurer and explore the diverse culinary tapestry of your city. Who knows, your next meal might just be on Eatance!

Winning Tips for the Diner

  • Strike Early: The contest runs for eight weeks, so the sooner you start dining and submitting invoices, the more entries you'll have in the grand culinary lottery.
  • Spread the Yum: Don't be a one-restaurant wonder! Branch out and try different participating eateries. Each unique invoice is a new vote for free food; let's be honest, variety is the spice of life (and free meals).
  • Double-check your bill: Before hitting submit, make sure it's clear and legible and captures all the necessary details.

The Prize: QR of Food Voucher

Winners will receive a food voucher from partnering restaurants on the Eatance App as a QR code. There is no other method other than QR code allocation and scanning to avail of the Meal On Us offer. Offer and QR code will not be changed or updated after allocation.

Imagine a month of free meals, courtesy of Eatance, where you can indulge in the culinary creations of diverse restaurants. Picture food from your favorite restaurant. This is your chance to become a free-range foodie, exploring a gastronomic wonderland without a penny spent.

More Than Just Free Food – It's Bragging Rights and Beyond

Winning the "Meal On Us" contest isn't just about winning free food (although that's an incredible perk!). It's about bragging rights among your fellow foodies. Imagine the envy in their eyes when you casually mention your month-long feast funded by the Eatance App. You'll be the culinary king (or queen) of your social circle, the envy of every budget-conscious gourmand.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the Eatance App, grab your forks (and chopsticks), and embark on a delicious adventure that could lead to a month of free food! You might become the star of Eatance's next foodie campaign.

*Remember, the "Meal On Us" contest is your ticket to culinary freedom. Start exploring