The food industry is changing every second. The significance of embracing digital solutions cannot be overstated, especially for multi-chain restaurants and budding startups. According to recent statistics, the global online food delivery market, driven by the demand for Ready-Made Multi-Chain Restaurant Apps, is projected to reach a staggering $442.50 billion by 2030. It demonstrates an undeniable shift in consumer behavior toward digital convenience.

This surge in demand highlights the critical need for swift and efficient entry into the digital space for multi-chain restaurants and startups alike. Eatance's ready-made multi-restaurant solution is here to meet this demand. It also offers various features tailored to optimize and elevate the online ordering experience for both businesses and customers. 

Let's explore why ready-made restaurant online food ordering & delivery app solutions are the key to unlocking success in the competitive era of multi-chain restaurant businesses and startups.

A Comprehensive Package for Success in the Food Delivery Business

It is a versatile solution designed to transform food delivery operations. It provides a branded experience, streamlining the ordering process and enhancing delivery management for an efficient and tailored approach to restaurant services. Eatance restaurant management software is all you need to support your customer’s dining experience.

Here's what you get with your white-labeled multi-restaurant food delivery app bundle:

Customer Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Your customers enjoy a user-friendly app on iOS and Android, allowing them to browse menus, place orders, and track deliveries effortlessly.

Driver Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Empower your delivery team with dedicated mobile apps for iOS and Android, ensuring efficient order management, navigation, and timely deliveries.

Store Admin Mobile App (iOS & Android)

Manage your restaurant operations on the go with our Store Admin app, available on both iOS and Android platforms, providing real-time insights and control.

Online Ordering Website (Frontend)

Establish a solid online presence with a beautifully crafted website that enables customers to explore menus, place orders, and experience seamless online dining.

Backend/Web Administrator & Store Admin

Take control of your system with robust backend and web administrator tools, facilitating easy management of menus, orders, and store-related tasks.

Rest API Connecting Mobile Apps

Ensure smooth communication between mobile apps with our Rest API, enhancing the overall user experience by seamlessly linking various components for efficient functionality.

If you require further assistance or have inquiries, feel free to learn more about us. We provide the support and information you need for a seamless experience with our Multi Restaurant App.

Streamlined Restaurant Management System

Step into the future of restaurant management with our comprehensive, fully functional restaurant chain management system. The all-inclusive package comprises a dynamic restaurant website, a user-friendly customer app, an effective driver app, and a robust admin panel. By seamlessly bringing together these components, our system guarantees a holistic approach to restaurant operations, elevating efficiency and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Admin Features for Effortless Management

Admin Application Features of Eatance Multi Restaurant App

  • Efficient Order Entry: Streamline order processing with easy call order entry directly from the backend.
  • Smart Event Triggers: Automate actions based on order status updates, ensuring a responsive and efficient workflow.
  • Phone Number as Key Identifier: Utilize phone numbers as the primary identifier for customers, enhancing accuracy and communication.
  • Driver Assignment Options: Choose between manual and auto driver assignments for flexible and optimized delivery logistics.
  • Event & Table Booking: Seamlessly manage event and table bookings, enhancing the overall dining experience for customers.
  • Recipe and Food Product Linking: Enhance menu management by linking recipes and food products, ensuring accuracy and consistency.

Optimize menu in Eatance Multi Restaurant Application

Customer App for Seamless Ordering

Customer Application Features of Eatance Multi Restaurant App

  • Versatile Sign-in Options: Enable multiple sign-in options like Facebook, Google, Apple, phone number, and email for user convenience.
  • Guest Ordering: Allow customers to place orders as guests, streamlining the ordering process without needing an account.
  • Order Cancelation: Provide customers the flexibility to cancel orders when needed, ensuring a hassle-free experience.
  • Referral Code Invitations: Encourage customer engagement by allowing them to invite friends and family with unique referral codes.
  • Intelligent Restaurant Search: Enhance user experience with a quick search feature based on ratings, cuisines, and cost.
  • Driver Tips: Enable customers to show appreciation for delivery executives by adding tips, fostering a positive delivery experience.
  • Wallet Points Management: Offer a hassle-free customer profile management system with wallet points for enhanced loyalty.
  • Real-time Order Tracking: Empower customers to track orders and drivers on an interactive map, ensuring transparency.
  • Recommended Products: Boost sales with recommended products displayed on the checkout page, increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Multiple Address Management: Customers can add and select multiple addresses for convenient food delivery.
  • Order Summary Details: Provide comprehensive order summary details, including price, items, and delivery address, for clarity.
  • Effortless Re-ordering: Simplify the re-ordering process for customers with an easy-to-use feature.
  • Event Booking: Enable customers to book or reserve a restaurant for celebrations, events, or parties.
  • Post-Experience Feedback: Encourage customer feedback by allowing them to share their experiences through reviews and ratings.
  • Social Media Sharing: Enhance app visibility by enabling customers to share the app on various social media platforms.
  • Multi-Language Support: Cater to a diverse audience with multi-language support, ensuring inclusivity.
  • Currency Options: Provide flexibility by supporting multiple currencies based on your business needs.

Delivery Driver App for Efficient Deliveries

Delivery Driver Application Features of Eatance Multi Restaurant App

  • Order Management: Efficiently accept or reject assigned orders based on availability and preferences.
  • Order History and Navigation: Access a clear view of currently assigned and past orders with map navigation to delivery locations.
  • Driver Profile: Provide drivers with a comprehensive profile, enhancing communication and accountability.
  • Earnings Tracking: Enable drivers to track their delivery earnings for better financial management.
  • Online/Offline Status: Streamline order assignment with online/offline status options for drivers.
  • Order Status Updates: Keep customers informed by allowing drivers to update order status in real-time easily.

Admin & Analytical Dashboard for Insightful Management

Admin and Analytical Dashboard Management of Eatance Multi Restaurant App

  • Interactive Dashboard: Gain valuable insights through an interactive dashboard with analytical data for informed decision-making.
  • Orders Data Visualization: Visualize order data to understand trends and performance.
  • Quick Access Tools: Simplify communication with quick access tools for sending emails and custom push notifications.
  • Dashboard Overview: Get a comprehensive view of recently added restaurants, orders, event requests, and coupons.
  • Banner Management: Effectively manage banners for promotions, ensuring strategic marketing.
  • CMS Pages Management: Easily handle CMS pages, including policies, terms and conditions, and contact information.
  • Email Template Management: Customize email templates for personalized communication with customers and partners.
  • Country Management: Streamline operations by managing different countries effectively within the system.
  • Error Report Management: Address issues promptly with an error report management system for quick resolution.
  • Cancellation & Reject Reasons Management: Understand customer behavior by efficiently managing cancellation and reject reasons.
  • FAQ Management: A comprehensive FAQ management system provides customers with relevant information.
  • System Configurations & Settings: Tailor the system to your needs with global configurations and settings for a personalized experience.
  • Easy Payment Integration: Ensure seamless transactions with easy payment integration using trusted platforms like PayPal.
  • Driver Management: Effectively manage and coordinate drivers for optimized delivery logistics.
  • Driver Commission Management: Streamline financial operations with efficient driver commission management.

The analytical feature-packed system ensures smooth operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and efficient management across all aspects of restaurant and food delivery services.

Interested in seeing how our system works? Feel free to contact us for a live demo! We'll show you around and answer any questions you might have. Get in touch now to discover the features of our Multi Restaurant App firsthand.

The Impact of Eatance’s White-Labeled Multi-Restaurant App Platform

Embark on a transformative journey with Eatance's Restaurant Aggregator, a cutting-edge solution to revolutionize the food industry. The comprehensive platform offers a seamless and branded experience for entrepreneurs and established businesses in the food delivery sector. 

  • Branding Simplicity

Stand out with fully-branded customer, driver, and store admin apps. Personalize the interface for brand loyalty.

  • Swift Setup

Our white-labeled app streamlines development, letting you launch your multi-restaurant platform quickly, saving time and resources.

  • Customer Delight

Offer a user-friendly app and website, simplifying orders, providing real-time tracking, and ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Cost-Effective

Save on development costs. Our solution is budget-friendly, empowering your business without sacrificing quality.

  • Expanded Reach

Reach a wider audience with a convenient online platform accessible via mobile and web browsers.

  • Proven Trust

Join over 1200 startups and a million users who trust our white-labeled multi-restaurant app. Simplify operations and amplify your brand.

Eatance’s app provides a turnkey solution for entrepreneurs and businesses, navigating the food delivery industry with simplicity, brand elevation, and an enhanced customer experience.

White-label Food Ordering Platform with Data Intelligence

Support Options for Your Convenience

We are here for any kind of support you need. Choose from two distinct support options designed with your convenience in mind. 

FREE Support

Our restaurant online food ordering & delivery applications have undergone thorough testing and are actively used by numerous food startups. We continuously enhance our codebase, introduce new features, and address bugs. While live chat or WhatsApp support isn't available, you'll receive FREE ticketing-based helpdesk support for the first 15 days after purchase.

PAID Support

For personalized assistance, our team of over twenty technical experts is ready to provide paid support. This includes services such as server setup, branding enhancements, code deployment, app publishing, new feature development, customization, design changes, product training, marketing services, and UI services.

If you prefer a step-by-step guide, click here. Additionally, explore our detailed FAQ page for answers to any possible queries.


Our Eatance Ready-Made Multi-Chain Restaurant App Solution offers a comprehensive, user-friendly package for startups and established businesses. Packed with features, scalable multi-restaurant solutions, and reliable support, we provide the necessary tools for success in the competitive food delivery market, check it out now. Embrace innovation, simplify your operations, and delight your customers with our robust multi-restaurant app. Whether you're a new business or an established chain, Eatance supports your journey in the dynamic world of online food ordering and delivery. Get in touch today to start your seamless and successful venture in the food delivery industry.