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Little George’s Pizza & Pasta Guys

Enhancing Digital Presence and Streamlining Operations


Little George’s Pizza & Pasta Guys has been Locally owned & operated since 1997, located in Northgate Plaza. Roh wanted to create a solid digital presence with a beautiful Online Ordering Website. But the main challenge was their complex 2 in 1 Pizza products with various Addons, and it took more work for the big players to match their Menu requirements. Also, she wanted to schedule some advanced features for managing operations smoothly which are already part of the system.



The Eatance team dedicatedly looked into these requirements and ensured they were fulfilled. Roh’s special menu with 2 in 1 Pizza products was seamlessly created along with upsell & cross features, which increased her sales. The Admin panel was already accessible via tab or mobile; hence they could manage orders remotely as well. For Order Alerts via phone call, Twilio integration was done. On top of All this, since Roh has a team of their drivers, their business has become entirely independent of third-party food delivery platforms for sustainable business, saving their hard-earned profit.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Little George’s Pizza & Pasta Guys and Eatance established a robust digital presence and streamlined operations. The customized pizza online ordering website, with its unique menu features and mobile-accessible admin panel, enhanced customer experience and provided convenience for managing orders remotely. The integration of Twilio ensured prompt order alerts, facilitating efficient order management. The independence from third-party food delivery platforms empowered Little George’s to optimize their profits and pave the way for sustainable business growth.

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