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Tekeya App

Revolutionizing Food Delivery and Fighting Food Waste in Egypt

Tekeya, is an application designed to fight food waste and help in solving the environmental crisis, in Egypt in 2019. Menna Shahin is an Egyptian entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Tekeya.

She is also among the first Egyptian women who started a Travel Business Exclusively for women. Menna aspires to empower women to build new connections with other women and discover more about themselves through travel. Moreover, Menna is an experienced public speaker, gave a TEDx Talk in 2019, was featured in more than twenty TV interviews, spoke as a keynote speaker at the World Youth Forum and held several coaching sessions, including a master training about food waste for future chefs in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism. Tekeya is only available in Egypt however, it is launching in the GCC area very soon and, from there, plans to expand to the rest of the MENA region. After all, food waste is a global issue.



Tekeya, was in the food delivery business before COVID, however, were unsatisfied with their current online ordering provider, so they started their search for a new digital partner. Customers lacked an intuitive way to order ahead and weren’t a web version available to order too. That’s when Eatance connected with Tekeya. The challenges were very clear; Transform and Uplift the current obsolete platform. The most important part was data migration, to make sure all approx. 50k+ customers with 200+ restaurants are transferred to the new application. Apart from the old system, the required and custom-developed functionality such as Donate Pay functionality requires to be delivered within a month timeline due to the upcoming Ramadan festival.


Tekeya was launched as per client expectations, right at the starting time of Ramadan Holy Month. The moment Tekeya went live with the new Eatance App, started gaining more attraction and opening web-based version ordering as well. Apart from it soon got recognized as App of the Day by Apple in the Egypt region. Recently Tekeya has crossed over 100k+ downloads. Online ordering and onboarding of the restaurant were streamlined. And as it was Ramadan month so Tekeya introduces a new feature where customers can place the order for donating purposes and can pay online. Tekeya team took the responsibility to deliver the charity/donate order with the help of their own in-house delivery team. Tekeya and Eatance continue enhancing the platform and soon the app will be available in Saudi and Dubai regions.

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