We all are well aware of the covid19 adversity and why vaccination is needed to fight against it. We trust you might have taken your dose of vaccine or underway to protect yourself from covid19. However, have you vaccinated your food business? Eatance has made a philanthropist announcement by launching a robust restaurant website for Micro and Small Food businesses.

A Digital Food Ordering Website turns to be a game-changer for many food businesses and helping them to sustain and grow their businesses. They can easily Overcome the traditional business challenges by Increasing Outreach, Driving promotional activities, Engaging their Customer with better tools & Scale-up their Sales.

The present outbreak is all about change, and it's happening at a rapid pace. Change as you've never seen before. Some of the rising concerns about sanitization, personal safety, and social distancing substantially influence food purchases and eating habits.

The food and beverage business is one of many that has been impacted hard by COVID-19's outbreak. This industry continues to affect millions of people's livelihoods. According to the FAO, the financial crisis demonstrated what may happen when people's incomes are cut, and they spend less, resulting in a decrease in demand. As a result, the number of sales has decreased. The production also decreased. Furthermore, the most vulnerable were forced to return to harmful coping methods to compensate for financial restrictions, such as selling productive assets, eating less varied diets, and overfishing.

Why Do Food Businesses Need a Vaccine?

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic had a significant influence on the global food business sector. Many customers started eating out less due to social distancing practices and a general aversion to public places. As per the sources, the worldwide year-over-year decrease in seated customers in restaurants was 25.59 percent on June 2, 2020, compared to 2019. By the same day in 2021, this proportion had dropped to 81.74 percent.

In addition, there is a lack of in-house eating, and global digital restaurant food deliveries expanded across various nations from 2019 to 2020. Meals or snacks ordered through the smartphone app, internet, or text message are considered digital delivery services. Globally, digital restaurant delivery grew by 67 percent, with the United States taking the lead with a 123 percent raise. In 2019, the worldwide online food delivery industry was worth 107.44 billion dollars, with that amount expected to rise to over 154 billion dollars by 2023.

However, there is another issue that online food delivery apps charge up to 40% in commissions on every transaction, benefiting just them. Restaurants must keep 100% of the profits so that they may expand their business with the help. As a result, Eatance offers food business vaccines as a free food ordering website to help food businesses turn digital.

The way vaccinations help the immune system of the human body to combat Coronaviruses. The Eatance free vaccine works similarly by providing a feature-rich online ordering website for food businesses and their customers. It will help food businesses expand their sales and bridge the communication gap between their loyal customers. The primary goal of Eatance is to help food businesses deliver maximum value to end customers while also sustaining lives that the pandemic has severely impacted.

How Eatance Scale Up Your Business Online?

As we know, digitalization can help food businesses to survive during and after a pandemic. With a tech-enabled development strategy and in-depth marketing research, the food Business can accelerate. Your customers can easily order food directly from your website using our free Ordering Website. Multiple promotional and customer engagement features on your website can enhance your customers' experience. Additionally, the website is user-friendly and has smartphone compatibility, making it easy for your customers to order on your website on Launch day itself.

Free food ordering appNow, here are some frequently asked questions that you may also have:

Why is Eatance offering a Free Ordering Website?

  • Reviving Food Businesses and Scale-Up their sales
  • Build a Global Support Community for Food Businesses
  • Support Society in a Digital and Transparent way.
  • Generate new Jobs to fulfill the 50k pledge.

How will Eatance help Food Businesses?

  • Automate Business Operations
  • Showcase Food Items Digitally.
  • Get Customer Orders Online.
  • Keep Customers Updated with New Offerings.
  • Engage Customers with Blogs & Recipes.
  • Get Detailed Analytics & Track Business Growth.

What are the unique features of Eatance ?

  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Order Management
  • Chef-Style Menu
  • Event Booking & packages
  • Multiple Promotional features
  • Customer Engagement & Loyalty feature
  • Customizable product (Products with Add-on)
  • Customer Reviews & ratings
  • Social Sharing
  • Self Hosted Platform
  • Server Maintenance

Free Food Ordering Website by Eatance, Is it really free?

Yes, the Ordering website includes all of the necessary features, and Eatance maintains all of the usual features updated. For the first 1000 approved customers, it will be free for a lifetime. Eatance will give a premium and better version once food businesses have recovered from the pandemic and if they prefer.

free food ordering systemFinal Words

Despite the severity of the coronavirus's impact on the food business sector, some businesses are flourishing. These thriving small businesses have seen an opportunity to grab it. Restaurateurs that make a profit aren't just lucky; they've strategically changed their focus and are meeting the needs of their customers.

To combat Covid 19, take advantage of our free self-hosted restaurant website to boost your online sales. You'll always have complete orders with NO CUTS OR COMMISSION OR SUBSCRIPTION