The pandemic has affected the restaurant business severely. Experts warn that full-service restaurants may not recover until 2025, so businesses need to offer additional services like online delivery to survive and thrive.

However, to allow customers to order online, you should have a restaurant website. It lets consumers add foods of their choice, calculates the bill (including delivery charges and tax), and enables you to accept payments.

While third-party delivery platforms (UberEats, Doordash, etc.) are great for restaurants to increase sales, having your online ordering system is crucial. 74% of customers say they’d prefer to order delivery directly from a restaurant instead of a third party.

Here are some more online ordering statistics that prove how beneficial it could be for restaurants:

  • About 42% of the total food orders are now being placed online. [Fatbit]
  • 9 in 10 US food delivery service users say it makes their lives easier. 31% say they use these services at least twice a week. [Mintel]
  • 34% of consumers spend at least $50 per order when ordering food online. [Upserve]
  • In large suburbs, online ordering went as high as 3,868% between February and April 2020. [CitrusBits]

What is the Best Online Food Ordering Software?

The best food delivery app is the one that helps you manage your orders seamlessly. It should work on any internet-connected device and shouldn’t require you to purchase any new electronic gadget (phone, tablet, or laptop).

Additionally, your online ordering system should integrate with multiple payment gateways. This will give your customers an option to pay from their preferred payment method, enhancing the overall experience.

It should also allow you to customize your online menu and attract customers with special offers. You should also be able to track your restaurant’s growth so you can optimize your strategies.

How Do Online Orders Work?

As mentioned above, an online food ordering system allows you to accept orders via your website.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create and upload a menu.
  • Then, customers place an order from your website or mobile app.
  • You receive instant notification about the order.
  • As soon as you accept the order, the customer is notified of the expected delivery time.
  • You update the real-time status of the order (i.e., in kitchen, order prepared, out for delivery, etc.).
  • Finally, your customer gets the order. They can now rate your services.

What Software Can Restaurants Use to Take Orders Online?

Restaurants often use tailor-made food ordering software to take orders online. While there are hundreds of software, not all offer a seamless experience. To make things easier for you, we tested various food ordering software and created a top ten list to make things easier for you.

Let’s discuss the top ten online food ordering software for restaurants.

1. Eatance

Eatance is an on-demand app marketplace that provides you with custom apps to accept orders online.  You can get a tailor-made app and website for your restaurant that will help you build a professional image.

For large restaurants, Eatance offers multiple promotions, engagements, and unique features. It also includes a blog/food recipe section, combo deals, contactless dine-in, and table booking.


Eatance has a free version for small restaurants, startups, food trucks, cloud kitchens, and meal kit delivery owners. It includes features like:

  • Mobile-first responsive Website
  • Effective and customizable menu
  • Order summary & History
  • Reorder
  • Event Booking
  • Reviews management
  • Blog management
  • Create products with add-ons
  • Payment integration
  • Analytics and robust dashboard
  • Custom service fee
  • Email template management
  • Secure Standalone Database Setup
  • Sales Conversion Optimized Front-end
  • No Subscription & No Commission
  • Complete POS Solution

However, mid and large-sized businesses looking for advanced features can choose the Eatance Multi Pro version priced at $1299. It includes features like:

  • Tailor-Made Solution
  • Custom Mobile apps & Website with branding
  • POS Features Included:- A complete Solution
  • Order and Delivery management
  • Combo deals on products
  • Custom tax on orders
  • Quick search
  • Event Booking
  • Social share
  • Recommend products
  • Multiple addresses for customers
  • No Subscription & No Commission
  • Sales Conversion Optimized Front-end
  • Contactless Dine-in
  • Delivery zone management
  • Coupon management
  • Driver commission
  • Email template management
  • Custom Notifications
  • Secure Standalone Database Setup
  • Get the Complete Source Code

Why should you opt for Eatance as your restaurant’s online ordering system?

Used by brands like Akwaaba Bites and Appotix, the Eatance is the most popular online food ordering system for small businesses and large restaurant chains alike. Its easy-to-use interface and robust analytics help restaurateurs get the most out of their investment and improve their services based on customer feedback.

Plus, every Eatance is tailor-made as per the business’s unique needs, making deployment faster and more successful.

2. 9Fold

Just like Eatance, 9Fold offers a customized solution for restaurants, making online ordering a seamless process. As soon as you partner with 9Fold, they’ll integrate their software into your website so you can start accepting orders online.

9Fold allows you to upload high-resolution food images that can be used beside the names to increase sales. It also allows you to create and share promotional campaigns to drive repeat sales.



9Fold’s online food ordering system starts from $129 per month per location. Additionally, you’ll have to pay a one-time setup fee of $100.


  • Website and mobile ordering
  • Dedicated dashboard to manage orders
  • 24/7 order management
  • Email marketing
  • Unlimited menu creation
  • Round the clock support by phone and email

3. ChowNow

ChowNow enables you to accept orders via your website. If you don’t have a website, ChowNow can help you build it. They can also create a custom mobile app for your restaurant.


They provide you with complete access to your customer database. This enables you to create custom campaigns for your customers to build loyalty and drive repeat purchases.


ChowNow has a free plan. But, you’ll have to pay a one-time setup fee of $299 per location. Its premium version starts from $149 per month plus a $399 setup fee per location.


  • Accept orders on your website, mobile app, Google, TripAdvisor, OpenTable, Yahoo, and Snapchat.
  • Unlimited commission-free orders
  • Customer emails
  • Menu optimization
  • 1 Wi-Fi enabled ChowNow tablet
  • Unlimited ChowNow dashboard access
  • Ongoing marketing strategy
  • 24/7 support

4. CloudWaitress

CloudWaitress is an online ordering and reservation system that helps increase restaurant sales. Its easy-to-use platform allows you to manage all types of orders: pickup, delivery, dine-in, and reservation.



CloudWaitress also helps you create a website, allowing your customers to order food from you directly. In addition, it offers a real-time order management interface so your staff can get a birds-eye view of every pending order.


For businesses that are just getting started, CloudWaitress has a free plan. However, you can accept only 100 orders & reservations monthly. Its premium plan starts from $39 per store per month.


  • Online ordering website
  • Landing page website
  • Promotional code
  • Performance report
  • Custom domain with free SSL certificate
  • Staff accounts
  • Menu setup and updates

5. GloriaFood

GloriaFood is one of the popular online food ordering systems that aims to provide low-cost solutions to independent restaurants. It even allows you to accept orders via Facebook.


To accept orders on your website, all you need to do is add the GloriaFood widget. It will display your menu and allow customers to place orders directly.


GloriaFood has a free plan. You can accept unlimited orders from your website and Facebook page, display pictures in the menu, offer real-time updates to customers, and more. However, to accept online payments, you will have to pay $29 per month.


  • Website ordering widget
  • Mobile ordering
  • Real-time order updates
  • Vacation mode
  • No-contact delivery and minimum pickup options
  • Pictures in menu
  • Scheduled orders
  • Detailed reports

Is GloriaFood really free?

While most features of GloriaFood are free, you will have to pay for essential functionalities. It includes online/credit card payment service, promo marketing, sales optimized website, and branded mobile apps.

6. iMenu360


iMenu360 offers a complete ordering solution to restaurants. Its services include apps, web-based ordering, contactless transactions with QR, and POS integrations. iMenu360 allows you to create an interactive menu to integrate into your website.

Perfect for large restaurants and restaurant chains, iMenu360 shuttles your online orders directly to the POS. It also helps you build your restaurant’s mobile app. You can then send push notifications to encourage repeat orders and increase your sales.


iMenu360 has not made its pricing public. You will have to contact the company for a custom quote.


  • Menu setup
  • Mobile ordering
  • POS integration
  • Individually branded apps
  • Accept credit cards
  • Delivery zone geo-fencing
  • Order dashboard panel
  • Order monitoring support
  • Customer feedback surveys
  • Loyalty program

7. JotForm

JotForm is a free online ordering system for restaurants. You can create your online system for to-go orders, curbside pickup, and deliveries. Depending on your business type, you can customize online ordering form templates to entice users into ordering.


Another advantage of JotForm is that it lets you collect payments with no additional transaction fees. You can even convert orders into PDF receipts or invoices and email them automatically to customers.


JotForm has a free plan with all the features included. The premium version starts from $29 per month.


  • Automate your ordering system (accept orders, calculate totals, apply coupons, and more)
  • Accept online payments
  • Choose from hundreds of pre-built templates to customize your menu
  • Generate insightful order reports

Made for Canadian restaurants, is a one-stop online ordering system. It will create a complete online ordering system for your restaurant, including your online menu and secure payment processing.


If you have a website, will update it and integrate the online ordering software. If you don’t have a site, they will help create it. The system will also help you optimize your business for search engines to reach and attract more local customers.


While hasn’t made its premium plans public, it does have a risk-free option where you pay 10% of your online sales. This is great if you want to test their services before committing.


  • Customized online ordering system
  • Professionally branded website
  • Local SEO
  • Optimized mobile experience
  • Round the clock tech support and training
  • Built-in promotions and upsells
  • Social media integration

MenuDrive is ideal for restaurants that want to offer a branded ordering experience on their website. You can choose from a library of professional storefront templates, add your logo, colors, and branded images to make your restaurant more appealing.


Its commission-free online ordering and food delivery services help increase your profits. MenuDrive also helps market your restaurant to further boost your bottom line. For instance, you can use its automation features to send emails, loyalty coupons, and announcements to drive repeat purchases.


MenuDrive requires a $149 one-time setup fee. After that, the plans start from $149 per month. Plus, you’ll have to pay a 3% + 20¢ flat-rate transaction fee.


  • Store management
  • Branding & style
  • Orders & payments
  • Marketing & promotions
  • Coupons & loyalty
  • Analytics


Perfect for small restaurants, enables you to set up your stores in minutes and start accepting orders. Its easy-to-use platform lets customers place orders quickly and track their progress in real-time.

Customers can securely save their credit card details for faster checkout. You can even allow customers to order days in advance. In addition, interactive push notifications help you engage with customers and generate more sales.


Pricing’s plans start from $99 per month. Unlike most online ordering platforms in this list, doesn’t have a setup fee. However, it is worth mentioning that the essential plan ($99/month) includes only one thousand orders. If you receive more orders than that, it is advisable to upgrade your plan to Pro ($199 per month - 2,500 orders) or Premium ($399 per month - 4,000 orders).


  • Unlimited users
  • No transaction fees
  • Custom domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • PayPal & Stripe gateways
  • API access
  • Zapier integration

Wrapping Up

In the post-pandemic world, more people are likely to order foods online. The trend is already visible. Irrespective of your restaurant size, it is crucial to offer online ordering options to your customers.

However, while choosing an online ordering system, make sure it is customizable, has low fees (and additional costs), and allows you to promote your restaurant. The ten online ordering systems mentioned in this list meet all these requirements.

Also, it is worth mentioning that being a leader in building websites for restaurants ourselves, we at Eatance offer free solutions to small restaurants. We also help build websites and custom mobile apps for your business.

Contact us today to know how we can help you increase sales!