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Eatance Pharmacy App is a one-stop solution for online pharmacy business. From receiving orders online to delivering essential medications at the doorstep, so simple!

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Medicine Delivery App For Online Pharmacy

Eatance Pharmacy App offers outcome-oriented solutions to pharmacy business holders. Expanding business reach online lends in scaling –up business, as it allows you to serve a wide range of audience. 

If you’re a start-up or even a well-established pharmacy store owner, operating online will reduce cost and accelerate business growth. For managing a business online, you will need fewer workforces, and a medium-sized inventory, which will help you in maximizing profits. Our services are meant to empower entrepreneur and aide in their business growth. Therefore, we offer robust, reliable and 85% cost-effective pharmacy app development services.

Premium Features

Pharmacy Mobile App

User Login/SignUp

Quickly login and registration process with Eatance Pharmacy App

Payment Options

Choose COD or go for net banking & other payment gateways on Eatance Pharmacy App

Manage Profile

Manage profile by adding image, contact details, billing addresses, & more for better user experience.

Multiple Addresses

Add multiple addresses & select one for medicine delivery during the checkout process

Search Option

Search for pharmacy products based on category such as tablets, syrups, prescription & non-prescription, etc.

Featured Product

Featured products is displayed under this section from the admin. E.g., general medicines, healthcare & nutrition products, etc.

Smart Find

Find pharmacy products by sorting or by name and content of the medicines.

Order Overview

View order summary, check price, billing address and payment option before placing an order.

Order Tracking

Keep track of the order in real-time with our on-demand pharmacy delivery app

Promo Code

Customers can choose a promo code to avail maximum benefit on his/her order.

View Product Details

View product details and add items to cart from the details screen

Order History

Customers can quickly re-order using past order history, and also see product and price details.

Order Information

After placing an order on the app, the customer receives order confirmation mail at the registered email address.

Review & Ratings

Post experience about services through reviews & ratings on the pharmacy delivery app.

Social Share

Share the app via social media with friends and family & even post reviews in play store.

Multi-language Support

The pharmacy delivery app supports multi-language to cater to a broader audience range.

Multiple Deliveries

Manage and schedule multiple delivery orders after receiving delivery tasks.

Track Route

Drivers can quickly navigate to a customer’s location by viewing the delivery route.

New Orders Notifications

Receive push notifications for all new deliveries through the pharmacy delivery app.

Accept/Reject New Orders

Accept or decline a new delivery request on the on-demand pharmacy delivery mobile app.

Customer Details

The app displays all the relevant information of the Pharmacy store and customer to drivers for pick & drop.

Multi-language Support

Eatance Pharmacy App supports multiple languages for hassle-free usage by delivery agents.

Live Tracking

Customers can view the driver’s vehicle location on the app in real-time.

Driver Earnings

Drivers can keep track of their daily earning on the pharmacy delivery app.

Manage Products

Easily categorize/sub-categorize & manage the products as per demand and availability.

Order Status

Receive all the order notifications with detailed status of every order placed & processed.

Manage Customers

Admin can access to data of customer statistics, reviews, and preferred outlets.

Custom Notifications

Send custom notifications to customers and partners via text, emails, and/or app notifications.

Payment & Offers

Manage payments and offers of products via an interactive dashboard on the pharmacy delivery app.

Categories & Brands

Manage various medicine categories & brands as per the demand or discount/Offer.

Manage Offers & Discounts

Run different offers, discounts for users & other partnering medicine stores to optimize business sales.

Create Multiple User

Create multiple user accounts to ease the Orders and operation management

Review & Ratings

Admin can manage reviews & ratings posted or shared by users and delivery agents.


Admin can generate revenue reports to make data-backed decisions to optimize business.

Multi-language Support

Eatance Pharmacy App supports multiple languages, making it easier and seamless to operate.

Payment Support

Customers can choose COD or go for net banking & other payment gateways on Eatance Pharmacy App.

Just The Way You Like It

Pharmacy app features are customizable. It can be tailor-made to fulfil the client’s business needs and purpose.

Store Management

The app is like an online medicine shop created in a structured manner with a powerful interface.

Talk to Consultant

Assist customers in need by helping them to schedule & connect a medical consultant.

Menu customisation

Add-ons in menu items such as extra mg free or 1 tab sachet free

Pay now & pay later

There are two options with payment gateway integration. Pay now or pay after delivery, when the order is delivered, a link will be genrated for payment via gateway.

Customer rewards points program

Loyality points given as rewards for loyal(returning) customers

Refer & earn

Share App and Earn referal points

Delivery method integration

If Client wants any 3rd party delivery integration instead of our Driver App

Payment method integration

Any payment getway integration is possible

Multi-lingual compatibility

Supports all major Worldwide languages

Delivery partner application

If Client wants to develop only driver app for their Application

Pharmacy admin application

Mobile Application for Admin

Dosage reminders

User can set reminder for themselves

Pharmacy can create patient’s cart

Automated, Patient-Specific Cart Fill to Improve Patient Safety

Restrict prescribed drugs to be added by patients directly

Only Pharmacy will have an ability to add prescribed medicine for patients

Copay/Insurance benefit

Provision for Copay is given

Custom taxes based on product categories

Custom tax provision for calculating taxes as per client requirement

Beautiful Interface

Flourish Your Medicine Delivery Business Online

Eatance Pharmacy app is the safest & secure app to run your pharmacy business online with on-demand solutions & interactive user experience.


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We already have pre-developed base solutions for iOS/Android Platforms, specially designed to suit the pharmacy business model. A strong web panel is built for pharmacists for effective order management. Addition or elimination of app features can be made to meet the client’s business needs. Henceforth, time depends on clients requirements.

The budget for pharmacy App development entirely depends on your business requirements. We also develop customized apps based on the client’s needs, feature addition, and custom integration. If you choose ready to use on-demand app development, then the cost will be less comparatively.

The app facilitates customers with an option to avail medicines at their doorsteps at their convenience. Moreover, an online pharmacy business results in an increased customer base & build brand loyalty among customers.

The Eatance Pharmacy App is for those who wish to establish their medicine delivery business online. You can benefit most from our on-demand pharmacy app solution if you are a small medicine vendor or a start-up.

The core technologies on which the Eatance Pharmacy App is built, are React Native & CodeIgniter.

Awards & Recognition

Benefits of Our Pharmacy App Development

  • Enhanced Services

    Add convenience to your customers by providing them with essential medicine service at their doorsteps.

  • Better Interactions

    Mixed with efficiency & speed, customers can always stay connected with you via an app.

  • Push notification

    With an online pharmacy app, customers will not miss out on offers, daily alerts, or run out of medicines.

  • Easy to navigate

    Apps developed by us are highly interactive and quickly navigates the products searched by the customers.

  • More Revenue

    With enough time to order & convenience, custom pharmacy app solution will certainly add revenue.

  • Detailed Information

    Customers can read about the composition of medicines and other important information

  • Uploading prescription

    Customers can upload the doctor’s prescription and can look for the right medicine

  • 24*7 convenience

    Our pharmacy delivery solution allows customers to order essential medicines at any time of the day.

Custom solution for every business model

Individual Store

Convert your store into e-pharmacy and grow business with engaging mobile application. We develop on-demand pharma delivery app with utmost expertise and cost-effectiveness.

Chain business

In order to serve large customer base, your business requires digital presence. With our customisable pharma app, your customers can easily navigate and can have valuable buying experience.


Best fit for startups to build or develop their MVP (Minimum Viable Product) effectively by saving by saving tremendous efforts & costs

Connect with On-Demand Pharmacy App Development Company

For entering the digital sphere from the brick and mortar store, you might need an extra hand of support. We offer plenty of features that will enrich your digital presence and enhance the customer experience.

The On-demand mobile application developed by us is integrated with interesting features, friendly User-Interface and trendy design. Furthermore, you can also customize the app as per your requirements and Brand or design philosophy.

A digital presence of your business can help you reach to a broader audience. Our team of experts will assist you in taking steps to the digital world.