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Tasty Brands

Streamlining Online Ordering for Tasty Brands: A Cloud Kitchen Success Story

Tasty Brands is a Greek-based Cloud Kitchen Business located in Athens, the heart of Greece.

As a cloud kitchen with almost 16 different brands with multiple physical locations based in Athens, Greece. Tasty Brands wanted to serve its audience with online food ordering for all of its brands in a single customer-facing ordering system.



Tasty Brands has 16 different brands’ websites; however, they want to use single customer interference for the front ordering site. Require direct integration with Grubtech for single order management for all brands and for the delivery system. Most importantly, a single brand has multiple physical locations, so the challenge was to display the nearby menu items and availability based on customer delivery address. Hence the customer will be accessing a single site. However, based on the customer delivery address in the backend, the branch and availability of orders will be displayed via an algorithm.


Tasty Brands integrated Eatance Restaurant Solution into every single location province-wide. Eatance integrated a 2-way connection with Grubtech for Menu and Order Management which made the lives of both management and the brand much easier. Now with all digital orders under one platform, each order is automatically pushed to the POS system and printed in the kitchen, regardless of the third-party app. No more double inputs were required, and ordering mistakes were drastically reduced.

With Grubtech Integration, whenever the team needs to add, remove, or change an item on the menu, staff can do it on a single platform, and the change is immediately pushed to every third-party delivery app. Eatance also created a brand display and its availability based on the delivery address entered by the customer on the brand site. Eatance successfully launched the first site Art of Dirty, by Tasty Brands, and is consistently working on other brands.

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