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Multi Restaurant SMS integration with Twilio


Now-a-days, the websites and applications have started migrating to phone number based login instead of old school login via email & password. This is where the SMS Gateway comes into the picture.

The SMS gateway integration helps us to verify a customer’s mobile number by sending an OTP as a text message. The customer is supposed to enter that OTP in order to login inside the mobile app. Twilio is one of the standards and very well known SMS gateway, which can be integrated seamlessly in our Platform.

This feature is utmost useful to the Platform owners. The main reason behind it is that we have an authenticity of the customers who are using the application. A customer must have his/her phone number verified in order to use the Platform. This also helps the Platform owner in order to reduce the fake orders placed. If we allow the customers to access the Platform without having any authenticity verified, then there can be a whole lot of fake orders in the system, which is not good.


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