Canadian restaurants need a strong online presence to attract new customers, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. With numerous website builders available, Canadian restaurant owners often face the choice between Eatance and Wix – two popular platforms known for their feature-rich offerings. However, when it comes to catering specifically to the needs of Canadian restaurant owners, in this case, Eatance emerges as the preferred choice due to its distinctive advantages over Wix.

Crafting a visually appealing and user-friendly website plays a pivotal role in the success of any modern restaurant. According to recent statistics, approximately 94% of consumers consult restaurant websites before making dining decisions, highlighting the significance of a captivating online presence. Therefore, selecting the right website builder becomes critical for Canadian restaurant owners seeking to make their mark in the digital realm.

In this blog, we will understand why we must compare these two widely popular and functional website builders and the prerequisites to choosing the one best suited for your restaurant. So Let's get started, shall we?

The Demand for an Alternative to Wix Restaurant Website Builder

While Wix is a renowned website builder known for its intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality, it falls short of addressing the specific needs of restaurant owners. Restaurant websites require features and functionalities beyond what a generic website builder can offer. 

Enter Eatance! It is a dedicated restaurant website builder designed to meet the food industry's demands. With its specialized features, Eatance is rapidly gaining popularity as the go-to alternative to Wix for restaurant owners seeking to establish a compelling online presence.

To understand why Eatance is a superior alternative to Wix, let's closely compare the two platforms. 

Feature Wix Website Builder Eatance Restaurant Builder
Full-Fledged Website Yes Yes
Add to Cart Functionality Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Digital Menu Display Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes (Beautifully Designed)
Order Management Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes (Status Management)
Coupon Management Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes (Multiple Types)
Restaurant Analytics Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Customizable Templates Yes Yes
Mobile Responsive Design Yes Yes
Online Ordering System Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Table Reservation System Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Menu Display Yes Yes
Featured Dishes No Yes
Customizable Add-ons Products(Like selecting pizza base, toppings, sauce) Yes Yes
Promotional Offers Yes Yes
Image Gallery Yes Yes
About Us Section Yes Yes
Recipe Sharing No Yes
Blog Section Yes Yes
Review and Rating System Yes Yes
Location and Timing Display Yes Yes
Social Contact Integration Yes Yes
Coupon Redemption Yes Yes
Scan Order No Yes (Reduce Waiting List)
Recipe Management No Yes (Add/Update, Upsell)
Table Reservation System Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Event Reservation System Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes
Web-Based POS Yes (With Paid Plan) Yes (For Small Businesses)
Service Fee Calculation Setup on Billing No Yes
Delivery Zone Management No Yes
Restaurant Themes Yes Yes
Pricing Starts at CAD 23/month FREE Trial for 1 Month, then CAD 49/month, One-time Setup Cost of CAD 199
User-Friendliness Easy to Use, But Limited for Restaurants Designed Specifically for Restaurants, Easy to use

Why Eatance Outshines Wix for Restaurant Websites?

While Wix may provide a versatile set of website-building features, Eatance caters specifically to the culinary world, elevating the online presence of restaurants to a whole new level. With its niche focus, Eatance understands the unique needs and challenges that restaurant owners face in the digital realm. It goes beyond generic templates and basic functionality to offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed exclusively for food establishments.

1. Greater Flexibility in Creating a Fully Functional Restaurant Website

Unlike Wix, Eatance offers a comprehensive suite of tools and templates designed exclusively for restaurants. With Eatance, you can create a visually stunning and fully functional website that showcases your unique brand identity, menus, promotions, and more. In addition, the platform allows for seamless customization, ensuring your website represents your restaurant's restaurant's ambiance and personality.

2. More Comprehensive Online Ordering Options


Eatance goes beyond simple online ordering by providing an all-inclusive solution. The platform enables you to create a streamlined restaurant online ordering system, offering real-time order status, customer notifications, and integration with popular payment gateways such as Stripe and Paypal. With Eatance, you can seamlessly manage delivery, takeout, and dine-in orders, providing a hassle-free experience for your customers.

3. Enhanced Management Features

Eatance equips restaurant owners with an array of management features that streamline operations. For example, the platform offers recipe management tools, allowing you to efficiently organize and update your menu offerings. Additionally, Eatance provides innovative scan order features, enabling customers to scan QR codes on digital menus and place orders directly from their smartphones. This convenient and contactless ordering system enhances the overall dining experience.

4. More Affordable Pricing Options

Eatance offers cost-effective pricing plans tailored to suit the needs of restaurants of all sizes. With transparent structures, Eatance ensures you maximize your ROI. So whether you're a small local eatery or a bustling franchise, Eatance provides affordable options to fit your budget.

5. Designed explicitly for Restaurant Businesses

Unlike Wix, which caters to a broad range of industries, this alternative to Wix restaurant website builder focuses exclusively on the restaurant sector. This specialization allows Eatance to provide industry-specific features, templates, and integrations that meet the unique requirements of the f&b industry. From customizable digital menus to online reservations and customer reviews, Eatance covers every aspect essential to restaurant success.

6. More User Friendly Interface



Eatance offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface specifically designed for restaurant owners. With its easy-to-navigate dashboard and straightforward management tools, you can effortlessly update menus, manage orders, and track performance metrics. In addition, Eatance's user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional dining experiences to your customers.

Eatance allows you to highlight your signature dishes and showcase your culinary expertise. Promote your most popular items, seasonal specials, or chef's chef's recommendations to capture customers' attention. Additionally, with Eatance's recipe-sharing feature, you can engage with your audience by sharing recipes and even upselling related menu items, creating increased customer engagement and revenue generation opportunities.

When it comes to building a remarkable online presence for restaurants, Eatance emerges as the clear winner, surpassing Wix in every aspect. With its dedicated focus on the food industry, Eatance understands the unique requirements and challenges faced by restaurant owners.

8. Beautifully Designed Digital Menu Included in Plan


Eatance simplifies menu management with its pre-designed and customizable digital menu. Showcase your mouth-watering dishes with stunning visuals, detailed descriptions, and tempting offers. With Eatance, you can create a captivating digital menu that captures the essence of your culinary offerings and entices customers to indulge in your restaurant experience.

Choose Eatance for Unparalleled Restaurant Website Building

As the importance of a robust online presence continues to grow for restaurants, finding the right website builder becomes crucial. Although Wix is widely favored, its generic approach must cater to the food industry's distinctive demands. That's where Eatance can be considered the superior Wix alternative for restaurants. With its restaurant-specific features, enhanced management tools, affordability, and user-friendly interface, Eatance empowers restaurant owners to create beautiful websites that drive customer engagement and boost their bottom line. It is safe to say that Eatance is not another alternative to Wix restaurant website builder. 

So, if you're a restaurant owner looking to build a better online presence, consider Eatance your go-to platform. Sign up with Eatance to embrace the specialized features and functionalities specially tailored for the food industry, and witness how Eatance helps you create a visually stunning, fully functional, and engaging restaurant website that entices customers to dine with you.