Gokul Restaurant :Multi-Cuisine Garden Restaurant

Gokul Restaurant is a Multi-Cuisine Dinner specializing in Indian Food located in Ahmedabad – Gandhinagar highway. This traditional Dinner just served walk-in Customers & Take Away. After Pandemic Struck, their sales were struggling, and they needed a new way to reach their customers.

Eatance explained the importance of Online ordering and why it is essential to partner with a local 3rd party food Delivery Platform for Survival and getting Sales online. However, in return, they paid a massive 25% commission which summed up to 50% of their Profit. On top of this, to Manage their operations and take existing customers’ phone orders, they also paid separately for POS System.

They explained their challenges to the Eatance team as they were very keen to start Eatance Online services. Gokul has moved to Eatance Restaurant Website Builder, An Advanced Sales Optimized (SEO Friendly) Restaurant Ordering Website with a Centralized Order Management System & Multiple Promotional features. They have also found Eatance Online POS comes along as a part of the package. Extremely beneficial to manage orders from one place. Gokul has also saved the POS subscription amount they were paying to the third party.

Moreover, Eatance also provided contactless dining by installing QR codes on each table. QR helps their customers to check the menu and make orders directly without waiting for their staff. The Contactless dining helped Gokul minimize table turnover time and reduce human efforts to take orders. Gokul also got all device-enabled mobile-friendly restaurant website, Boosting the brand value and Sales. They gradually started sharing their website with the existing customer base. They transitioned them smartly to the new platform to stop paying Commission to third parties & created their Loyal Customer Base. Also, Now they don’t have to pay for POS separately, and they are managing the entire operations from Single System.

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